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The Istanbul Biennial 2022 is Still Going On, Here Are The Venues! 


The Istanbul Biennial, a highly anticipated two-month art festival, has been bringing together art fans and numerous artist groups in the city since it began last month. The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) has been in charge of organizing the Istanbul Biennial every two years since 1987.

Now in its 17th year, in line with the expectations, the event has brought together the work of over 500 artists, specialists, and professionals, including chefs, ethnomusicologists, ornithologists, marine scientists, architects, radio programmers, activists, stand-up comedians, and puppeteers in addition to writers, poets, and musicians.

Curated by Ute Meta Bauer, Amar Kanwar, David Teh and directed by Bige Örer, in the biennial, participants from all around the world have displayed their ideas at multiple venues around the historic city. The biennial aims to highlight and accentuate links between the city’s vibrant present and its intricate past. Do not worry about missing it because the art festival continues until November 20! In addition to more than 50 bookshops, bouquinistes, hospitals, nursing homes, cafes, metro stops, and radio stations around the city, the Biennial is on display at 13 exhibition locations in the Beyoğlu, Kadıköy, Fatih, and Zeytinburnu districts. Here are the names of venues for you to explore this beautiful art event:

  • Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum
  • Performistanbul
  • Central Greek High School for Girls
  • SAHA Studio,
  • Müze Gazhane,
  • arthereistanbul,
  • Barın Han,
  • Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam,
  • Büyükdere 35,
  • The Çinili Hamam,
  •  Zeytinburnu Medicinal Plants Garden,
  • Yaklaşım Tüneli Taksim
  • Nostalji Books & Coffee

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