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Istanbul Coffee Festival 2022


Another great news for coffee lovers and Istanbul, in general, the fest that wakes the city up is here: Istanbul Coffee Festival will be at KüçükÇiftlik Park for 4 days in a row! At the festival area, coffee lovers will be able to attend workshops and seminars and play games while watching their barista create art with coffee foam. The festival is great for exploring new tastes, learning tips, and meeting with different coffee forms. If you are not a huge coffee fan, do not worry because there will be many attendees there looking for a good dessert – which we all know goes perfectly with a cup of coffee.

There will be brands waiting to appeal to your artistic side, from ethnic jewelers to personal aprons producers. For food critics, do not forget to visit delicious snacks, sandwiches, ice cream, and vegan dessert stands. What about music, right? Well, the agenda is pretty full. Starting from 11 o’clock, the stage will never be empty! Here is the headliner list of the festival, where we can listen to more than 20 groups and artists:

6 October: Köfn, Kolpa
7 October: Canozan, Gripin
8 October: Anıl Emre Daldal, Can Bonomo
9 October: Atakan Çelik, Deeprise & Pınar Süer, Bedük

The festival will be held in 2 sessions, the first one is from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and the second is from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Ticket prices vary from day to day and from session to session. Therefore, to see the detailed festival program and buy tickets, check this link. If you heard about the event here, don’t forget to have a cortado for me while you’re there!

Also, want to learn about the best coffee places in Istanbul? Take a look at our blog post and Instagram guide – we deliberately prepared them for choosy coffee lovers.

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