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Good News for Indian Food Lovers – Madhu’s Istanbul is Here!


We have great news for those who are Indian Food enthusiasts looking for a good place to eat in Istanbul. United Kingdom’s award-winning Indian restaurant is now in Istanbul, waiting for its customers to have unforgettable moments!

Madhu’s has been one of the leading restaurants when it comes to Indian food for nearly a hundred years. Their mission is to offer the best culinary experiences by combining Indian traditions with modern practices. The place is also known for its success in important occasions and ceremonies. With its authentic design and fascinating atmosphere, Madhu’s is waiting to break the stereotypes about Indian food at Swisshotel The Bosphorus.

While there, do not forget to try the restaurant’s signature dishes like Nyamah Choma or Gajar Ka Halwa Baklawa dessert, which is a perfect presentation of Turkish baklava with Indian touches in it. Do not forget to check the beverage menu to not miss any exotic flavours. The restaurant can also host groups for special events in its special corner and also have catering services for weddings. You can easily book a table by calling the restaurant, via their website or emailing them. All the information needed is here. If you are a foodie and always chase new gastronomic experience, you should check out our blog to feel inspired about the best practices in Istanbul.

Bon appétit!

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