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An Expression of Hope : “Promesse” at Decollage Art Space Istanbul


Dear art lovers attention, I have great news for you before this year comes to an end. If you are looking for an exhibition that can fill your heart with hope, you should stop by Decollage Art Space to see “Promesse”.

As their second exhibition of the season, Decollage Art Space is hosting this essential mixed selection. Works by Emine Şenses, Melike Kılıç, Ömer Koçağ, Pelin Bayçelebi, Sayat Uşaklıgil and Yağmur Yılan met with art lovers at an opening cocktail held on Tuesday, November 22. The topic of hope is central to the “Promesse”, developed with Serap Atala’s consultation and cooperation.

Emine Şenses‘ collages show the effect of oil painting when viewed from afar, visual stories by Melike Kılıç based on the multi-layered traditional art of floor, Ömer Koçağ‘s images that are a contemporary homage to great masters such as Rembrandt and Goya, Sayat Uşaklıgil ‘s timeless and spaceless contrasts, Pelin Bayçelebi‘s paintings inspired by the perfect balance of nature, and Yağmur Yılan‘s transfer of women’s emotions to her canvas by creating a new reality with a dramatic approach invites us to get to know, understand and search the artists.

The exhibition is open till 9th January. You can enjoy seeing the expression of “hope” in different shapes. Happy new year in advance. I’m sure this will be a year that will fill you with art!


Artwork: Pelin Bayçelebi, Hope Umut, Oil on canvas, 2022, 60×70 cm

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