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Take the Stage: Sofar Ankara Has Started Its Gigs

After Istanbul and Izmir, Sofar finally started to throw its exceptional concerts in Ankara. Bringing music enthusiasts together in artistic places all over the world, Sofar hosts concerts in more than 400 cities. The organization aims to connect artists from various backgrounds with their audience through live music. It is a perfect occasion to enlarge your music knowledge, feel connected to a community full of like-minded people and be present in an atmosphere where music matters.



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How Sofar Works?

Such as a rooftop or an art gallery, Sofar turns commonplace locations, into exclusive settings for covert live music performances, creating an immersive experience for audiences who got the chance to be closer to their community and performers. Sofar is a modest event with three performances of varying genres and no headliner.

  1. According to your hometown, pick a concert nearby whose date is posted on the city’s Sofar social media accounts usually two weeks ahead.  The artists and the venue will be kept secret till the last day of the show. You will be only notified about the time of the concert until then 😵‍💫 .
  2. After having your tickets and fill the form on the website all you need to have is wait and make sure that you empty your schedule for the concert day, preparing yourself for the fact that the venue will be at a place maybe a little bit far from you to easily access.
  3. A day before the show: the day has come! You will receive an email revealing the address and other key details. The lineup will still remain a mystery to you. When the performers step up to the microphone, you’ll learn more about them 🤓.

Things to remember!

  • The tickets are usually sold out really fast, be sure that you save your place right after the post is shared on Sofar’s Instagram account!
  • If you get two tickets, you have to share your company’s information with the organization so that they will get the mail too :).
  • Again, remember the fact that you will be notified about the venue a day before the show, be sure you have time to go anywhere.
  • Do not forget to share! Sofar is a great opportunity to discover new artists and meet the ones you already love. Follow them on social media so you do not miss their next gig. Also, tag your photos with #Sofarsounds for the chance to appear on their site.

Sofar Ankara

After a long time, Sofar Ankara has started to host their gigs in Ankara. The last event was organized on 19th November at the beautiful Ankara-based collaborative space @yer.mekan. Performers @omurcan.akin, @mabastet, @spade427, and @ilgarberkayyy took the stage with their performances that were never seen anywhere else in a colourful and exciting night full of laughter.

The following gig will take place on 24th December at 6.30 pm. As always, we do not know the place and performers yet. Open your notifications to not miss the information that will be sent to your e-mail. Follow @sofarankara to be informed about the events. And maybe you will encounter yourself caught up in music :).



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