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USLA Opened Its New Campus at Kanyon!


For more than ten years, USLA has served as a hub for the culinary arts in Istanbul, training professionals in the hospitality and beverage industries. With the well-equipped and qualified personnel it has taught, USLA marks the beginning of success stories in Türkiye and around the world. It also never loses sight of its goal to mix pleasure with flavour!

USLA is now moved to its new location in Kanyon, with its renovated campus aiming to prove that it is more than just an academy. In its new location, USLA has gone beyond being just a place for training and workshops for its students but being a unique academy campus with spaces where everyone can enjoy the time spent there. The location of the facility is also here.

Gusto by USLA restaurant enables USLA students to practise what they learnt at school by them working both in the kitchen and in the service. This restaurant offers stunning experiences to its visitors as well as students because the innovative USLA chefs are always creating fresh and surprising flavours by carefully presenting new recipes and seasonally changing specialities.

If you are a chocolate addict you can visit Chocolate by USLA, where you can watch the chefs and their students create illusions with chocolate. You are always welcome to purchase any amount of chocolate you want for either yourself or your loved ones.

Fancy a coffee? USLA’s coffee place Skola Coffee is perfect for catching up with your friends and having a peaceful time besides a cup of coffee.

Want to learn something new? The USLA Library, which has been thoughtfully set up and contains books with important information, enables campus students and people who want to spend time in USLA to enjoyably learn new information.

If you like the fresh smell of bread, pastries and cakes that just came out of the oven, you should definitely try the flavours of USLA Patisserie.

If you want to get more information about the academy – or you just decided to take a workshop – you can visit their website. Enjoy your time, and do not forget to share fancy photos!

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  1. I’m on a business trip to Istanbul. I’ve just finished one of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time at Gusto by Usla at Istanbul Kanyon. I stopped by accidentally without knowing where I’m coming. Each and every bite was pure pleasure. Everything was precisely as high end cuisine be. The plating, the service and the devine food. I’m sure that I’ll come back and recommend my Tukish friends to come.

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