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3 Places Close to Istanbul For Camping

All of us are in a different period than ever before. We made market shopping like we never did, we made our own bread, we cleaned the house more than we ever cleaned, we spent more time at home, maybe for the first time we finished all stages in a game during this pandemic. In sum, the problems we have experienced recently have brought with us different conveniences and good staff also will continue to bring them.

Now we need to take a breath like all livings. What I mean by not only physically, is that we need to take a deep breath spiritually and mentally. Some of us will prefer to go on a holiday and stay in secure hotels hygienically or many of us will throw ourselves into nature. As a traveler, I’m excited to listen to the peaceful voice of nature so if you like adventure, are waiting to go camping or want to get a new experience I have three perfect advices for you!

1. Erikli Plateau, Yalova

It is a great destination if you want to rest for a few days in a quiet and calm place. It takes about 2 hours to go to Erikli plateau from Istanbul by car. It is a place mostly preferred by camp lovers for its magnificent nature and two waterfalls you can swim.
You can spend time away from everyone and your phone because mostly there is no signal in the camping ground so it is a chance for a digital detox. There is no market nearby that’s why you should bring your own food with you before you come here. If enjoying your life to the full is important for you, bring your coffee thermos with you to sip coffee while hearing birds singing.

If you are an adrenaline seeker, you can be full of fun in divided areas for trekking and zipline. Trekking by the river and under the trees lasts for about thirty minutes along the side of the stream takes you to the waterfalls hidden by the trees. With each step you can discover a thousand shades of green.

At night you can make a fire in a safe place away from the trees and enjoy the silence of the night. If you do not want to hear your trembling teeth at night, you should take thick clothes with you. Because last year when I went in August, I woke up trembling when I had a sweatshirt at night! In the morning, we got up about at 6 am with the bell sounds of a herd of cows and the touching of our tent. It was really fun if you are used to be in touch with nature but you should be careful with animals.


2. Kilimli, Ağva

Kilimli is a piece of paradise with its perfect landscape, rocky hill, and voice of waves. You can put your tent on the hill (by charge almost 30 TL for each tent) or the beach sand. If you are going to set up a tent on the hill, it is important to choose strong tents that are less affected by the sun. To go to Kilimli, you must first reach Ağva. You can drive your own car for almost two and half hours or taking the 139A buses departing from Üsküdar; you can reach Ağva after almost four hours journey. Besides there is no problem with signal and internet connection in Kilimli.

You can take great photos when you set the sunset time very well to immortalize the moment. Sunrise is also great because it looks like a red ball is coming out of the sea at sunrise. I strongly recommend that you do not miss the sunrise to unforgettable memories in your life.

If you do not want to bring your own food with you there is a facility where you can eat on the hill with an amazing view however it is expensive and do not expect a high quality of service. You can find photos and other details about it in Zomato.

As an important reminder, if you want to make a campfire it is important to collect your wood from daytime because the places to collect wood are not very close and too many walks may be deserted in the evening. There are areas where you can easily make your fire while camping, but since the wind is very strong, you must open a hole and make a fire by turning around with stones. Because there are a lot of dried herbs around. As the wind direction varies most of the time, you may cause a possible fire if your campfire is not carefully prepared. To make a safe fire, first of all it is necessary to clean the area. Then, with the help of a stick or shovel, you can make pipes that allow you to circulate a wide and deep pit and allow air circulation from the sides. Then, you can easily make your safe fire by turning around the pit with large stones. When you leave here, you should safely cover your campfire by throwing soil on the pit.


3. Gulf of Saros, Çanakkale

Saros is one of the most favorite places in Türkiye both as a big destination to visit and preferred for swimming, camping, and windsurfing. You can use the ways of summer sites here to reach the beach and see all special facilities reserved by charge for campers close to the beach and fee is almost 40 TL for each tent. Also you can prefer to stay behind summer sites to stay to be in a quiet place and away from other facilities in the area. It is easy to reach many restaurants, cafes, markets, and boutiques around if you have a car so you do not need to bring any food or any staff you will use with you before coming here also prices are not expensive. If you do not want to make concessions your comfort at the same time while being in touch with nature Saros is a perfect option for you.

One of the best things about coming here is to pass through the sunflower fields along the way especially in July and August. You can find a natural wonder on every road you pass and everywhere you look. Also, Saros is where I learned how big the sky is! There are so many stars in the sky at night that you cannot take your eyes for a moment. If you will come here someday, put your tent on the beach, make your drink, keep your phone in your pocket, watch the sky, and choose one of the stars for your loved ones.


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