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Are You Ready to See a Trailer From Paradise? The Best Beaches in Turkey

Hi, everyone! We have searched and updated our information for you; I’m here to talk about Best Beaches in Türkiye: 2022 Edition.

As many of you know, Turkish beaches and seaside cities are very famous. Summer in Türkiye means hot weather, golden sand, smooth water, and vivid nights.
There are several reasons why Türkiye beaches are a hot spot for tourists during summer and one of the most important reasons is hygiene. Türkiye is well-known for its strict hygiene standards, so this means super clean beaches and a vacation where you don’t worry about environmental health factors.

You can detect hygienic spots by researching whether that beach has a “blue flag” or not. Blue flag means that the beach reached high hygienic standards and also has an educated lifeguard.

Secondly, Türkiye is definitely a mother-nature wonder and one of a kind. There are hundreds of little places that you can find to swim with the clearest water, smoothest sand, and the best view that green mountains get together with blue sky.

I’m so excited to give you a tour through the best beaches in Türkiye, let’s dive in!

1. Ölüdeniz, Fethiye

Ölüdeniz Beach is one of the famous ones in the whole country; It is located in Fethiye which is a part of the city of Muğla. It is one of the lagoon places in Turkey, and the location has a beautiful background story.

Ölüdeniz is once known as “the place of light and the sun” in the Lycian Period. The water is almost always very calm like a lake. The beach is very long; there are both rocky parts and soft sandy parts.

The location is highly touristic, you have various accommodation options near the beach. It will be crowded starting from May to the end of September.

Also, Ölüdeniz is just near to the “Babadağ” which is the mountain that is well-known for its paragliding activities. You can watch the entire area from the top while flowing in the sky.
You can see the location through this link.

2.   Ayazma Beach, Bozcaada 

Ayazma Beach is located in Bozcaada, one of the most famous islands in Turkey which is a part of Çanakkale. Çanakkale is located in the Southern Marmara Region, It is near both the Aegean side of Turkey and the Marmara Region.

Bozcaada is a tourist place with its famous beaches, wine yards, well-known pastry, jams, and luxurious restaurants (specifically sea products).

As we know, all of the beaches in Bozcaada have “Blue Flag” which implies that the beach and the water is clean and hygienic.

The beach has both sandy and rocky parts, which also gives guests options to enjoy the sea however they like.

Ayazma Beach is well-known for its cold water; even in the hottest time of the year, the water is colder than the other beaches on the island, which also what makes it very special because specifically during July and August the temperature is very high, you can chill in Ayazma Beach and make the most of the hot times of Turkey.

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3. Kaputaş Beach, Antalya

It’s time to arrange your bucket list all over again after this one! Kaputaş Beach is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It’s possible for you to see every range of the color blue while it’s getting together with the mountain.

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It is located in Kalkan, Kaş which is a part of the city Antalya. The beach is approximately 20 km away from the city center.

Antalya is a hot spot for tourists, very hot and crowded during summer. Since it has various beaches, bays, and little villages to visit; I recommend you save at least 15 days for Antalya.

One of the most interesting features of Kaputaş is that you should take the stairs to be able to reach the beach which has 187 steps. Don’t you worry, it’s definitely worth it! It’s also free to enter, you can rent an umbrella and sunbed for a very little amount of Turkish liras.

If you ever consider taking a trip to Antalya, let me give you a little tip: it depends on your hotel’s location, but Kaputaş is closer to the Dalaman Airport than Antalya Airport.

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4.   Butterfly Valley, Muğla

Butterfly Valley is a very special nature wonder in Turkey, which is located in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye. It contains endemic species which then led it to be announced as 1st degree protected area.

Its name comes from over 80 different butterfly species and specifically from the “Tiger Butterfly”.

The waterfall comes from Faralya and converges with the Mediterranean Sea.

There is a special facility in there to make sure the area is being protected as it should be by the guests. You can rent tents or bungalows from the facility which has a capacity for 500 guests.

There are so many activities in the valley that you can enjoy during your vacation, as you can see visiting Turkey’s best beaches is not just about living the best experience of sea, sand, and sun; but it also means that you can try so many new things while you are traveling.

You can go scuba diving, paragliding, snorkeling, rock climbing; and of course my favorite, you can relax during a yoga workshop in the Butterfly Valley. You can see the location through this link.

5. Gökçeada Laz Beach, Çanakkale


Gökçeada or with its old name Imroz is the biggest island in Türkiye and the western side of the island is the western spot of the country.

It is a part of Çanakkale, and it is 91 km from the seaside. It’s one of the cittaslows in Turkey, which implies that the life and general traffic in the area are slower than the average, and the location has a calmer atmosphere.

Gökçeada has several little villages; most residents in the villages generally have been living there for decades. Most of the population lives in the center of the island.

Laz Beach can be considered as a “bay” geographically. It’s located in the southern part of the island; even though it has a stony coastline, the water is generally lukewarm and the wind is very light compared to other beaches of the island.

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6. Ilıca Beach, Çeşme

Ilıca Beach is located in one of the hot spots for tourists in Turkey, which is Çeşme! Çeşme is a part of İzmir, it’s a very famous location for both local people and foreigners.

Even though you can find dozens of different beaches in Çeşme, without any doubt, Ilıca Beach is the most well-known one. People who visit there generally say that if it’s not a windy day, the area resembles the Maldives.

The water is generally warm and the depth of the sea is mostly shallow even though you walk in the sea for meters.

The area is so tourist-friendly.

You can find various accommodation options, places to do outdoor sports, and of course great restaurants to taste Turkish cuisine, which is one of a kind!

You can find useful resources on HeyTripster’s Blog and find out how to visit İzmir and Ilıca efficiently with a little help from local people. Fill out the HeyTripster’s evaluation form and explore your best trip plan. You can see the location through this link.

7. Patara Beach, Antalya

Are you ready to see one of the most beautiful beaches in the world? I really need for you to get super excited for this one because it’s like a trailer from paradise.

Patara Beach is located in Kaş, Antalya. The beach is near to the Ancient City of Patara, which I additionally recommend for you to visit.

The beach is generally longer than the other ones in the area, its sand is super thin and soft, and the water is shallow and very clear. When you step into the sand, you may feel like you are walking on the clouds!

One of the most important sides of Patara Beach is that it’s one of the special places in Turkey that Caretta Carettas (sea turtles) go and left their eggs. For this very particular reason, the area is protected and it is not allowed to enter the beach between 8 p.m and 8 a.m.

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Patara is a very unique destination in the world, that inspires people like it inspired one of the most well-known pianists Fazıl Say; he named his first ballet piece “Patara”, you can listen through this link and enjoy the view. You can see the location through this link.

8. Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

Imagine a place where its sand is so unique and special, it’s forbidden for you to take even the slightest piece of the sand…

Cleopatra Beach took its name, of course, from Cleopatra; because as it has been said in the stories when General Anthony gives the Alanya to Cleopatra as a gift, the queen went to the beach every day to take a bath.

It has been selected as the most beautiful 22nd beach in the world in 2021! You can visit the beach any day you want. The sand is very light and soft, and the water is limpid.

It’s not very easy for me to stay objective; with Patara, Cleopatra is my favorite place to go swimming and enjoy my vacation during summer in Türkiye.

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9. Pırlanta Beach, Izmir


Pırlanta Beach is located in one of the most well-known cities of Turkey: İzmir. Pırlanta means “diamond” in Turkish, which implies the tiny little sand pieces and the clear water of the beach.

It is 10 km away from the center of Çeşme. The beach is well-known for its sharp winds, that’s why the area is a hot spot for windsurfers.

There is a Surf Academy in there which you may want to get in touch with them and try to do surf with the instructors.

After all of the developments in the area, now Pırlanta Beach is an important center for windsurfing in the world.

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10. Iztuzu Beach, Muğla

It’s hard to talk about all of the “one-of-a-kind” places in Turkey, but there is no way that we can end up on our “best beaches” list without mentioning Iztuzu!

What makes it so special is that Iztuzu also a place where Caretta Carettas leave their eggs, and it’s protected. There is a special facility in the area that takes care of injured sea turtles, also the area that the turtles left their eggs are marked with little fences. It is not allowed to enter the beach between 8 pm and 8 am for the well-being of Caretta Carettas.

The beach strip is approximately 4.5 km. Its sand is very pure, and the water is clear. I remember how fun for us to trying to dance with all the waves!

The location is open to receive strong wind. The beach is located in Dalyan, Muğla.

There are so many hotel options to accommodate in the area, and the airport is 28 kilometers away.

While Muğla is already a touristic-friendly city, Iztuzu is a hot spot for foreigners. So, you won’t have any trouble taking your vacation near there. You can see the location through this link.

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