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20+ Best Outdoor Activities in London That Will Change Your View of The Capital Forever

Everyone knows that London is one of the most popular touristic destinations on Earth. The rich history of the capital, numerous tourist attractions, vast variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes have been the reason why millions of people choose London as their destination every year. It’s the city of opportunities and you can find anything that comes to your mind in the capital. But can London surprise you? Especially nowadays when everyone is looking for activities that will let us socialize outside. This is probably the best time to enjoy great outdoor activities in London these days.

Below you will find a list of the best outdoor activities in London that HeyTripster designed especially for you. Our list includes options for hot weather and freezing days, for extreme lovers and nature lovers, for couples, groups, and families, and many more. So, check out London’s outdoor activity potential with our Best Outdoor activities in London List and you will find something that will suit you the most.

The most adrenaline activities that you can find in London:

1. Thames Rockets

Thames Rockets London

Are you ready to explore a Thames cruise 21st-century style?
We bet you have never tried anything like this before. If you’re looking for the best adrenaline activities in London, you’re just where you need to be. Sightseeing at a speed of 30 knots (which is 35mph btw!) might be a bit thrilling but it will stay with you forever. They pay attention to your safety and guarantee to put a smile on your face.

The cruise lasts 50 minutes and is performed by the most experienced skippers. Don’t worry the cruise is part-speed – part-guided, so you will also complete the sightseeing mission.
The price of the cruises starts from £49.95 per person. There are also multiple start times available

Website: Visit

Want to get a bird’s eye view of London? Here are the two options of adventure activities in London:

2. Up at the O2 Climb

Up at the O2 Climb London

If you are a thrill-seeker then make your way to The O2, where you will hike up a 52-meter building to see London across both the North and the South of the River Thames. You will get a chance to discover a full-circle view of the capital together with an experienced climbing guide. We believe that this is an exceptional adult activity in London.

There is also a Climb and Dine option as the structure is home to many restaurants. There are multiple Climbs (Daytime, Sunset, and Twilight) available depending on when you want to see the spectacular views of London.
You will be provided with a gear-climbing suit, boots, and climbing harness.

Their opening times are as follows:
10:00-19:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
10:00-20:00 on Friday and Saturday
And 11:00-18:00 on Sunday (opening hours may vary depending on the season)
The starting price is £35.00.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

3. The Dare Skywalk

The Dare Skywalk London

Have you ever walked on a glass walkway 46.8 m above the pitch? No? Then this is your chance! We guarantee that you will be fueled by excitement and joy while taking it to the edge of The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium where the jaw-dropping views of the capital await you.

You will get full instructions from the expert staff climb guide and be provided with the climbing suit, special shoes, and safety equipment. You will climb the height of the newest landmarks of the capital together with an experienced climb guide.

On the roof of the biggest club stadium in London, you will be able to take astonishing photos yourself but also a professional photographer will capture your unique experience while you enjoy an aerial view of the stadium’s pitch which sits over 62,000 fans. On the roof, you will have a chance to celebrate your bravery.

The duration of the tour is approximately 90 minutes.

They also allow children to take part in this tour.

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The prices start from £28.00 for children and £39.00 for adults.

There are multiple start times available.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

Unique activities in London for the ones who are tired of traditional sightseeing tours

4. Hot Tub Boats

Hot Tub Boats London

Enjoy Nordic tradition while cursing the waterways with Skuna Hot Tub & BBQ in this unique activity in London.
The maximum number of people in the group is 7. Boats are private and easy to self-drive, the water inside the tube is changed after each trip, so they keep their hygiene standards very high. The experience lasts for 75 minutes and does not depend on weather conditions as the temperature of the water is 38°C. The prices start from £35 per person.

They also have BBQ Boats where you can choose one of the food packages they offer or bring your own food. The tour lasts around 2 hours and the prices start at £25 per person.
They are open 7 days a week all year around.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

5. AIM’s Augmented Reality Outdoor City Experience

AIM Escape Rooms

As a Londoner, I’ve always been fascinated by the city’s blend of historic charm and cutting-edge innovation. Recently, I discovered the epitome of this fusion at AIM’s Augmented Reality Outdoor City Experience. It’s an adventure that takes you out of the traditional escape room setting and into the bustling streets of London, immersing you in a virtual world overlaid on the city’s landmarks.

From the moment you step into the game, you’re an integral part of an intricate narrative, solving riddles, deciphering codes, and unlocking secrets hidden in the heart of London. Landmarks I’ve walked by countless times suddenly took on a new life as they became part of a thrilling puzzle. Yet, the experience is so much more than just a game; it’s a new lens through which to appreciate the city. The striking realism of the augmented reality combined with the thrill of real-time problem-solving creates an adrenaline-pumping experience that is genuinely unique.

If you’re looking for an innovative, immersive, and highly entertaining way to explore London, I couldn’t recommend AIM’s Augmented Reality Outdoor City Experience enough.

More Information

Website: View
Location: View

6. Skylight Tobacco Dock

Skylight Tobacco Dock London

Skylight Tobacco Dock is a good option if you are looking for a half-term activity in London. Visit Europe’s only real rooftop ice rink!

Here at this unique rooftop bar, you can enjoy London’s panoramic views. Check out their 5 activities such as Christmas Cinema; Cozy Igloos & Huts and others and choose the ones you like. However, we highly recommend making a reservation for a table/igloo if you plan to enjoy them too.

You can check all the Skylight events here.

Note: If your trip is scheduled on summer days, you can take a few rounds of croquet or pétanque.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

If you are looking for some adventure then you should check out these 2 London activities

Since Great Britain is the motherhood of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and many other thrilling novels, locals love to feel the shoes of a detective or a wizard. There is plenty of mystery and treasure tours ideal for groups around the town. So, we prepared 2 fun outdoor activities where you will help the city to solve all the mysteries going on.

Here are some group activities in London that will test your team working skills;

7. Sherlock: The Official Live Game

Sherlock: The Official Live Game London

Feel as a real detective in the capital in this exciting immersive adventure featuring clues from Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Martin Freeman, and more.

During this escape game, you will have an opportunity to step into the shoes of the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Minimum age – 10+
Multiple start times are available.
Prices for adult tickets: £45, and for child ticket: £40.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

8. Game of Stones: Treasure Hunt

This exciting game includes the technology of your mobile phone and will show parts of the town you haven’t seen before. The game includes 22 riddles so the time may vary between 1-3 hours.
In addition, you can have a chance to win a prize!

Tickets start from £12.50.
You can choose between any game slot between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm

Website: Visit

If you travel with friends or family you are probably looking for fun group activities in London. Here are some that you might like;

9. London Boat Party

The Original London Boat Party set sail in 1967 and has been organizing parties on the River Thames for more than 50 years now and is a perfect activity in London at night. They use the biggest fleet of party boats and have various selections of dates available all year round. It is a fun booze cruise with tasty food and DJ music, a great option for friends and family parties, or just a night out in London.

If you choose this fun activity in London you will have an indispensable opportunity to see jaw-dropping sights and illuminations of the city.
The cruise is available on Saturdays but sometimes there are additional cruise dates during the week, during summer, or Christmas.

Tickets start from £33.00

Website: Visit

10. London in the Sky

London in the Sky

London in the Sky is part of the global Dinner in the Sky group which now operates in 63 countries.

London in the Sky is a unique experience, where you can enjoy delicious food and beverages at the table 100 ft up in the air. At this head-spinning height, your meal will be accompanied by a 360° view. Here you can take your best selfie while having probably the most thrilling dinner in your life.

They have breakfast, lunch, dinner and other flights and the prices start from £79.00 per person. But of course, the most breathtaking one is the sunset dinner. This is a fun activity for adults in London.

Website: Visit

11. London Shuffle

London Shuffle

London Shuffle is one of the funniest group activities in London that you have to try. It’s a perfect summer experience for those who are seeking fun. They also offer a delicious menu with handmade pizzas.

There are 2 types of games that you can try: Lane Shuffle and Table Shuffle. And if you have any doubt on which one is for you, there is a small guide about each of the games.

During winter days it turns into one of the funniest indoor activities in London as they have boards inside too. And their terrace is set up for the winter days.

The prices start from £40. However, they are temporarily closed and moving to a new location soon!

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

12. Vinegar Yard

Vinegar Yard London

One thing that you should do in London for sure is to dine outside as eating is at the top of activities that Londoners enjoy. Vinegar Yard is located just next to London Bridge station, it offers a huge variety of drinks, food, art, and even a flea market (operates on weekends).

In summer you can enjoy the sunny weather with the beautiful views but don’t worry if you visit London in winter as they have outdoor heating and huge tents. So, regardless of weather conditions, Vinegar Yard is a fun outdoor activity in London.

Open: Monday – Sunday 12:00 to 22:00.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

For other dining ideas check our: London Local Taste Guide for a First Time Tourist: Where & How to Eat

Do you like playing golf? It seems that London is also keen on it. Golf is a fantastic choice for sports activities in London. There are multiple venues to improve your golf skills in London, here are 2 of them that we suggest:

13. Plonk

Plonk Golf London

At Plonk crazy golf you can find the greatest Crazy Golf courses possible and practice your golf skills at a one-of-a-kind ambiance.

They have 3 venues at Horniman Museum, Camden Market, London Fields. And none of them look alike. There is also a special event called Bottomless Sunday held at London Fields venue on Sundays, where they serve hotdogs. The course is designed for adults.

The course at Horniman Museum is more suitable for families and kids but make sure to check out the weather because the course is completely outdoor. Keep in mind that the course is not available during the winter season.

The average price for an adult ticket is £16.00 but it can change depending on the venue and the courses.

Website: Visit

14. Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range

Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range London

Check out London’s leading golf destination. Enjoy the Thames and the Square Mile view while playing golf at one of the 60 heated and covered bays.

In-range technology will track each of your shots and can even teleport you to the world’s best golf courses. It’s also a great option for groups with both beginners and experienced players as you can set your experience level so the game is fair for every participant.

The onsite restaurant of the venue is not about fine dining but about some messy delicious food with sauce everywhere.

The venue is a good choice for a night out with friends or a date and is a wonderful family activity in London.

Prices start at £12.00 for 60 minutes.
Open hours are 08:00-23:00 with the last gold driving session available at 22:30.

More Information

Location: View on Google Maps
Website: Visit

Finally, these are the classic day activities in London. But you should also consider them as we found the best ones:

15. ScooTours

London Scooter Tours

Would you like to have a classic sightseeing tour but with a bit of speed?

It’s a new creative and eco-friendly way to see London tourist attractions. There are multiple routes, so you can choose the one that suits you most. The tours are designed by experienced local tour guides and maybe one of the best activities in London.

Don’t worry about the safety of the routes, the company plans all the tours using cycle-friendly roads and cycle paths. Before the tour starts, they give a safety tutorial. In addition, you will be provided with a helmet.

There are also bike tours available.

The prices start from £10.00 and the average duration is 2 hours.
Please note that the tours have an age restriction. You must be +18 and a driver’s license is required. Tours are available Wednesday through Sunday.

Website: Visit

Of course, gardens and parks are an essential part of London. Visiting parks and gardens also may be a good idea if you are looking for day activities in London. There are so many that you just have to see if you visit the capital. So, here is the list of our favorite ones:

16. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath London

Located at one of the highest points in London, covering 320 hectares this grassy sprawl stands out among all other manicured parks of the capital. It’s one of London’s most favored parks among nature-lovers and picnickers, a popular place for dog-walkers. Here you can feel like you have escaped the crowded capital and if you are lucky, you might even notice a muntjac (barking deer) or a parakeet.

The park is just four miles away from Trafalgar Square and has one of the best views in London. Here you can find a zoo, a butterfly house, an open lido (open 365 days a year, but be warned that water is a bit chilly even in summer), multiple sports facilities, a beautiful pergola and so much more.

The Heath is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the entry is free.

Location: View on Google Maps

17. St. James’s Park

St. James’s Park London

St James’s Park is one of eight Royal Parks of London. It’s a peaceful and scenic green place with a large lake that is loved by birds such as waterfowls, ducks, and pelicans. Pelicans were presented to King Charles II by the Russian Ambassador and have lived here for almost 400 years. So, you will likely meet some birds and bird watchers too inside the park.

You can take a beautiful photo of Buckingham Palace framed by trees from the Blue Bridge. There is also a playground and a wide sandpile for children in the park. The park is closed at night.

Location: View on Google Maps

18. Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens London

The park used to be a royal hunting ground, later in the 18th century, it was popular among wealthy citizens of London who loved to go on a promenade in Kensington Gardens, and nowadays it is open for everyone. There is a monument honoring Prince Albert inside Kensington Gardens.

While walking along the trails inside the park you will see many interesting species of flora and fauna. If you travel with kids, they will love the wooden pirate ship. “The Italian Garden” (the area inside Kensington Gardens) is a mix of four fountains and a collection of classical sculptures and is a must-see.

The park opens at 6:00 am every day but closing times may vary.

Location: View on Google Maps

19. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park London

Greenwich Park which is home to some breathtaking views of London is the oldest enclosed Royal Parks and is located in southeast London. The history of the park dates back to Roman times. There are six tennis courts, a boating lake, and two must-sees which are the Prime Meridian Line (it represents the prime meridian relative to which the world time and the distance to anywhere on the Earth is calculated) and the Royal Observatory inside Greenwich Park.

It’s also one of the Royal Parks of London and is a former hunting park.
The park opens at 6:00 am for pedestrians and 7:00 am for car parking every day but closing times may vary.

Location: View on Google Maps

20. Victoria Park

Victoria Park London

Victoria Park which is also known as “People’s Park” (since it was one of the first amenities available to the working class in London), is the capital’s first public park, where you can enjoy canals, ponds, cafes, and even a lido. In the summer Victoria Park is a frequent host to various festivals, concerts, and other events.

Victoria Park greets almost 9 million visitors every year and therefore is one of the most visited outdoor places in London. You can also find many historic artifacts inside Victoria Park if visiting this beautiful park is one of your activities in east London.

Victoria Park is open from 7:00 am until dusk every day.

Location: View on Google Maps

21. Secret Gardens Tour of London with Afternoon Teas

Secret London Gardens

If you would like to have a full-day guided tour of London’s beautiful parks and gardens then this activity in central London is designed exactly for you. While visiting all the beautiful hidden spots in the capital, you will also experience the English tradition of afternoon tea. This tour also includes private transport, which will take you from garden to garden.

Maximum group – 4 people
The duration of the tour is 6 and a half hours.

It is literally impossible to list all the outdoor activities in London so we decided to find the funniest, the craziest, and the most unique ones that will be able to add something new to your visit to London. But here are some extra ideas that HeyTripster could not leave out, you may consider them too:

22. Fishing

a man is fishing on a lake

Choose between numerous fishing locations in London. There are many professional guides and coaches that can give you a lesson on how to do fishing if you need one.

23. Open-air Cinemas

 open air cinemas london

The season of outdoor cinema usually runs during summer days. But it is an awesome activity for couples in London.

24. Bicycle Tours

bicycle tours london

There are many cycle paths in the capital so if you would like to go on a ride then this is a good idea. You may either choose your own route or join a guided bicycle tour.

25. Photography Tour

 london photography tours

There are so many we just couldn’t choose. But if you would pick one the night photography tours are the most beautiful ones!

26. Ice skating

ice skate london

And of course, one of the essential winter outdoor activities in London is ice skating. Go to a nearby ice rink or the big ones in the center of the city, it doesn’t really matter, since you will feel the romantic mood regardless of where you are.

And if you are looking for some trip ideas outside London then we suggest that you read: Where to Visit With a Day Trip – Near London: Most Adorable English Towns and Villages

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