10 Cheap Shopping Places in Istanbul

As on many other subjects, Istanbul also has many various opportunities and potential for our topic: Shopping! This city is filled with many shops including local shops, world famous brands, chain malls, designers’ shops and many more. Istanbul’s market appeals to anyone thanks to this huge variety.

In this blog we will walk through the cheap shopping places in Istanbul and learn how and where to find those.

1. Beyoğlu Business Center

Beyoğlu Business Center is located in Taksim, Istiklal street, and it is very accessible. Inside this center, there are plenty of boutiques selling clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics etc. as well as some coffee shops where you can rest. Prices are relatively low because they sell non branded goods for a cheaper price.

You probably can find anything you are looking for here. Dilan Clothing, one of the boutiques in Beyoğlu Business Center, is one of the popular ones.


2. Sinanpaşa Business Center


This Business Center is located in Beşiktaş district. In this Center, you can find many different boutiques as well as other shops, and they sell local and unique Turkish goods. Those boutiques sell very stylish elements for a cheap price. Local people prefer this place often.


3. Opera Onur Çarşısı


Opera Onur Çarşısı is one of the oldest marketplaces in Istanbul. It is located in Kadıköy and there was an opera place before this marketplace occurred. There are many shops and stores here and all of them are quite affordable.

In the past, this passage was almost the only clothing marketplace in Istanbul, thus older locals have a tendency to keep shopping there.


4. Terkos Passageway


Terkos Passageway is located near the Tunnel in Istiklal Street. This passageway is like an open bazaar and it is open everyday between 10 AM – 8.30 PM. There are many shops for clothing, accessoires, and many more.

You can also find export overruns of many famous brands for half a price here! This passageway is preferred by local youths a lot.


5. Atlas Passageway


Atlas Passageway is one the most famous points of Taksim, Istiklal Street. It has a unique architecture dating back to the 19th century. It also has a cinema inside called Atlas Cinema.

There are plenty of shops inside of this passageway which sell a huge range of goods for reasonable price such as clothes, vintage and second hand goods, accessories, shoes, slippers, and so on and so forth.


6. Kadıköy Çilek Street


Çilek means strawberry in Turkish. This street is as cute as its name! Located on the Anatolian side, Çilek street is in Kadıköy. As you may know, Kadıköy is famous for having many shopping opportunities and unique shops.

Çilek Street is filled with many such shops and is a heaven for shopping lovers. You can find unique pieces here. You can even find famous brands’ goods that are not sold in Türkiye normally.


7. Bakırköy Saturday Bazaar


This bazaar is very famous and thus, can be crowded! This bazaar is located close to the subway and tram, very easy to access. It also is sheltered so that you can shop even during unpleasant weather conditions!

You can not only find many clothing items, but also you can find accessoires, bags, and cosmetic products.


8. Kadıköy Tuesday Bazaar


Kadıköy Tuesday Bazaar is located near Uzunçayır metrobus station, and in fact it is available on both tuesday and friday!
On tuesdays, the bazaar is mostly for groceries, yet on fridays, there are many clothing items, second hand clothing, accessories, perfumes, bags, shoes, and many other things I can not even think of.


9. Hayyam Passageway


As everyone knows, photography equipments are quite expensive. The products of some brands sold in technology markets might have a very high price.

Located on the tramway in Sirkeci, Hayyam Passage is one of the leading places to buy cameras and lens kits at cheap prices. There are many photography shops lined up side by side, you have the opportunity to make a price comparison among those shops and take the one that is best for you.


10. Hürriyet Bazaar


Hürriyet Bazaar is located in Mahmutpaşa Yokuşu, Eminönü. It starts from the Mahmutpaşa Gate of the Grand Bazaar and takes you down to the back streets of Eminönü. It is the first address that comes to the minds of locals to shop for engagement, wedding and other events in Istanbul.

In Hürriyet Bazaar, you can also find various options, such as children’s clothing, adult clothing items, underwear, accessories and many more.


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