Explore the Best European Cities to Visit Each Month

The most popular cities to visit are self-evident: London, Paris, and Rome. However, if you’re seeking a different kind of experience—or simply want to try something new—there are many towns in Europe that provide stunning scenery and rich history all year long, not just when the weather is perfect to visit top destinations and European cities.

There’s no better way to experience Europe than by taking advantage of its numerous unique sites and cultures, whether you’re traveling alone or with friends. So, rather than rehashing all of the reasons why these cities are so great (you can read about them in our roundups), let’s look at which ones are best suited for each month of the year (with one important caveat: this list is geared toward travelers who don’t mind visiting some smaller towns outside of big cities).

Prague, Czech Republic – January


Prague in January is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a winter wonderland. With its picturesque architecture and snow-covered streets, the city exudes a magical atmosphere. Explore the historic Old Town Square and enjoy warm mulled wine while admiring the famous Astronomical Clock. You can also enjoy the quieter crowds to tour the iconic Charles Bridge and Prague Castle without feeling rushed or overcrowded. 

It is also the birthplace of several notable composers, like Smetana, Dvorak, Janacek, and Martinu, who wrote part of their works in Prague.

Many major events, such as the International Music Festival “Janacek Autumn” or “Lucerna Fest,” are held in the city each year, attracting tourists from all over the world. You may visit this magnificent city at any time of year, but since it’s winter now (January), I encourage you to go during this time because it’s really cold!

Copenhagen, Denmark – February


Copenhagen in February is a charming destination for those seeking a cozy winter getaway. The city’s colorful houses and the iconic Nyhavn Harbor lend themselves to beautiful winter scenery, and you can enjoy the views comfortably with fewer tourists around. Take a stroll through Tivoli Gardens, Denmark’s famous amusement park that transforms into a winter wonderland with festive lights and decorations.

You can also visit the historic Rosenborg Castle or indulge in some of Denmark’s famous pastries at one of the city’s many bakeries. Copenhagen in February is perfect for those looking for a slower-paced yet delightful travel experience.

Athens, Greece – March


The Acropolis and its many monuments are the ideal places to learn about Greece’s rich history. The city also has a lot of great restaurants and bars. There are several inexpensive hostels within walking distance of the main attractions that provide dorm beds for as cheap as $10 USD per night.

If you want something more luxurious, book one of private rooms in one of Athens’ most popular neighborhoods: Plaka or Monastiraki—or look into boutique options; some charming restored houses in central locations that offer a unique experience for visitors looking for a truly local feel.

There’s always something to do in Athens, no matter where you stay! You can always try your hand at souvlaki-making at one of our favorite street food markets, or take day trips from the mainland city center to adjacent islands such as Mykonos (which has been voted one of National Geographic Traveler’s top 10 islands).

Ljubljana, Slovenia – April


As spring blooms in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, the city comes to life with vibrant colors and new energy. Stroll along the Ljubljanica River and soak up the picturesque views of old bridges and historical buildings lining the waterway. For a unique experience, try a boat tour of the city.

April is perfect for exploring Slovenia’s stunning natural beauty. Head outside Ljubljana to explore the nearby Julian Alps or Triglav National Park for breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities like hiking or skiing.

Back in the city, take advantage of the many outdoor cafes and restaurants that line the streets of Ljubljana’s charming old town. Try some traditional Slovenian dishes like potica (a sweet bread) or Kranjska klobasa (a sausage).

For those interested in history, there are plenty of museums and galleries to explore, including the National Museum of Slovenia and the Museum of Modern Art. April also sees the start of the Ljubljana Festival, a month-long celebration of music, theater, and dance performances throughout the city.

Local Tip

It takes only 1 hour to visit Ljubljana from one corner of the city to the other by walking!


Dubrovnik-Cavtat, Croatia – May


In May, Dubrovnik-Cavtat is a beautiful destination to explore in Croatia. With the summer season just around the corner, the weather is mild and pleasant, perfect for strolling along the city’s ancient walls or enjoying a sunset cruise. Take a guided tour of Dubrovnik’s historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and marvel at its well-preserved Gothic and Baroque architecture. You can also visit Cavtat, a charming seaside town with picturesque beaches and coves.

For adventure enthusiasts, there are plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking in the surrounding mountains and sea. And don’t forget to sample the local cuisine, which features delicious seafood dishes and traditional Balkan snacks like cevapi (grilled meat) and burek (pastry filled with meat or cheese).

Overall, Dubrovnik-Cavtat is an excellent destination for those looking for a mix of history, culture, and outdoor adventure. May is also an excellent time to beat the summer crowds while enjoying pleasant weather.

Lake of the Four Cantons, Switzerland – Summer

Lake of the Four Cantons

Switzerland is home to some of Europe’s most breathtaking natural landscapes, and Lake of the Four Cantons is no exception. Snow-capped mountains, quaint Swiss villages, and stunning views surround this picturesque lake. In the summer, visitors can take a boat ride on the lake or hike nearby mountain trails. During winter, skiing enthusiasts flock to the area for its world-class ski resorts. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Lake of the Four Cantons is a must-visit destination in Switzerland.

London – December


London in December is one of the best places to visit in Europe. This month, the city is transformed into a winter wonderland with festive lights and decorations everywhere. Visitors can enjoy ice skating at popular rinks like Somerset House or the Natural History Museum.

Winter markets also pop up all over the city, selling traditional British treats like mince pies and mulled wine. The highlight of December in London is New Year’s Eve, where visitors can catch the fireworks display over the River Thames while ringing in the new year with millions of others worldwide.

Dublin, Ireland – December

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin in December is one of the best places to visit in Europe. This is a time where the city comes alive with festive lights and decorations, adding to the enchanting vibe of the city. The Christmas markets are a must-visit, offering a range of unique gifts and traditional Irish treats. You can also enjoy ice-skating at the rink at the Dundrum shopping center or take a walk through St. Stephen’s Green park, which transforms into a winter wonderland during this time of year. Don’t miss out on experiencing an authentic Irish Christmas with carol singing, hearty meals, and plenty of Guinness to go around!

Melides – Portugal

Melides Portugal

Melides, Portugal is a hidden gem that should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Europe. This small town is located in the Alentejo region of Portugal and offers pristine beaches, rolling hills, and delicious cuisine. Visit Melides in the summer months to enjoy the warm weather and soak up the sun on stunning beaches like Praia da Aberta Nova or Praia do Carvalhal.

During the winter months, take a hike through the Serra de Grândola mountains or explore the charming town center with its white-washed houses and beautiful churches. No matter what time of year you visit, Melides is sure to enchant you with its natural beauty and rich history.

Vienna, Austria – June


June is an excellent month to visit Vienna, Austria. You may immerse yourself in the city’s history and culture. It’s also regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, so you can go sightseeing without getting too heated or irritated by crowds—unlike during the peak summer season!

There are numerous museums and art galleries in Vienna that are worth seeing. There are also plenty of fantastic restaurants; choose from classic Austrian fare or try something more exotic like Indian curries at Taj Mahal Palace (yes, it actually exists!).

There are also plenty of green places in Vienna, such as parks and gardens, where you can unwind after a day of seeing this historic European capital city!

Rome, Italy – May


May is the perfect time to visit Rome, the capital city of Italy. With warm temperatures and sunny skies, you can spend your days wandering through the city’s ancient ruins and winding streets.

Visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to glimpse ancient Roman history, or stroll through the trendy Trastevere neighborhood for a taste of modern-day Rome. For a unique experience, attend an opera at the Terme di Caracalla, an outdoor venue with stunning views of ancient Roman ruins.

Foodies will love exploring Rome’s many restaurants and markets, where you can indulge in classic Italian dishes like pasta carbonara and pizza. Don’t forget to stop by a gelateria for some authentic Italian gelato! May is also the month of La Notte dei Musei (Night of the Museums), where museums across the city stay open late and offer free admission. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore Rome’s rich history and culture.

Barcelona, Spain – July


Barcelona in July is a vibrant and bustling city you won’t miss. Catalonia’s capital has some of Europe’s most gorgeous beaches, as well as one of the continent’s oldest and most renowned museums. The warm Mediterranean weather is perfect for strolling along the beaches of Barcelona or soaking up the sun in the many parks and plazas around the city.

July also brings the famous Grec Festival, which showcases some of the best theater, music, and dance performances worldwide. For art lovers, a visit to the Picasso Museum or Gaudi’s Park Guell is a must. And foodies will delight in Barcelona’s delicious cuisine, from traditional tapas to modern gastronomy.

Paris, France – August


If you wish to visit Paris, France, August is a fantastic time to do it. Because the tourists have returned home for the summer, the weather is usually pleasant and bright, and you can get a fantastic deal on flights and hotel accommodations. This is a great time to visit because the weather is still pleasant but not too hot; it is also not very busy, making it easier to enjoy all that Paris has to offer without bumping into people everywhere.

Swiss Alps – Winter

Swiss alps

The Swiss Alps are a must-visit destination in Europe during the winter months. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts worldwide flock to this region to experience the breathtaking scenery and world-class slopes. The Swiss Alps offer a variety of resorts with varying levels of difficulty, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced skiers.

The charming alpine villages, with their cozy chalets and hot chocolate, make for an unforgettable winter vacation experience. Don’t forget to try some delicious Swiss fondue while you’re there!

Valletta, Malta – April and May

Valetta Malta

Valletta, Malta, is one of the best places to visit in Europe during April and May. The Mediterranean has a rich history, beautiful architecture, and stunning coastline views. During these months, the weather is perfect for exploring the city’s many attractions, including St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Grand Harbour. Visitors can also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking in the nearby countryside or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Blue Lagoon. With its charming streets, delicious food, and vibrant culture, Valletta is a must-visit destination for any traveler to Europe.

Munich – Summer


Munich is one of the best places to visit in Europe, and it’s especially beautiful during the summer months. The city is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant culture. In the summer, visitors can enjoy outdoor beer gardens, stroll through the English Garden, or attend one of the many festivals held throughout the high season.

Munich also has world-famous attractions like the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, Marienplatz Square, and Neuschwanstein Castle. Whether you’re interested in history, art or simply soaking up the local atmosphere, Munich is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Europe.

Reykjavik, Iceland – Winter


Reykjavik, Iceland, is a must-visit European destination for those who love adventure and natural beauty. Stunning landscapes surround the city, including glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers. In addition to exploring the outdoors, visitors can enjoy Reykjavik’s vibrant culture through its art galleries, museums, and music scene. Don’t miss the chance to witness the Northern Lights from this magical city during the winter months. Whether looking for an action-packed vacation or a peaceful getaway, Reykjavik has something for everyone.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – September


Amsterdam is a very popular European city. It is well-known for its historic structures, canals, and art culture. In September, Amsterdam is also a fantastic city to visit.

September is a fantastic time to visit Amsterdam because the weather is warm throughout the month. In September, the average high temperature is 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 Celsius). In September, the average low temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 Celsius).

There are numerous activities to do in Amsterdam during your trip, such as visiting museums such as the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum, taking a canal tour around town, and visiting Anne Frank’s house! You can also take photos of all of these items!

Tuscany, Florence & Pisa, Italy – October


October is an excellent time to explore Tuscany. The weather is pleasant and sunny, but not excessively so. The streets are peaceful, allowing you to enjoy your time roaming around and exploring Tuscany without being bothered by crowds.

Florence and Pisa are the greatest destinations to visit in Tuscany in October. Both of these cities have fantastic attractions that will make you remember your vacation for the rest of your life!

Berlin, Germany – November


November is an excellent month to visit Berlin. It’s not too cold, but it’s also not too hot. You can wander around the city without literally freezing your buttocks off or feeling like a sweaty mess. The city has so much history and culture that it’s difficult to find a part of town where you can’t have a historical experience.

When it comes to gastronomy, Berlin definitely excels! From pricey Michelin-starred restaurants to street food trucks, there are plenty of restaurant alternatives for all budgets and preferences.

Museums of Berlin

From modern art at Berggruen Museum and Pergamon Museum to classic European art at Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister (Old Masters), Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum), and Bode-Museum – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Bode Museum), to different types of history told through interactive exhibits at DDR-Museum Geschichtswerkstatt Hohenschönhausen or Topography Of Terror Foundation Memorial To The Murdered Jews, Berlin has many museums.

Attractions of Berlin

There are also some interesting sights outside, such as the Reichstag Building with its glass dome designed by architect Norman Foster, which has housed the German Parliament since 1999 after being renovated after a fire destroyed the old Reichstag building in 1933; the Fernsehturm TV Tower designed by Günter Behnisch with spectacular panoramic views of the city skyline; and the East Side Gallery murals depicting life in former East Germany painted on the former border wall separating the east and west parts of town.

Istanbul, All Months!


Istanbul is a city that can be visited all year round.

In the winter, visitors can explore the city’s rich history by visiting the iconic Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace, both of which offer a glimpse into the city’s past as the capital of the empires taking place during the history.

The colder months also offer the perfect opportunity to indulge in traditional Turkish cuisine and enjoy a warm cup of tea at one of the city’s many cafes.

Spring and autumn months offer milder temperatures and the perfect opportunity to explore the city’s many green spaces, such as the beautiful Gulhane Park.

In the summer, Istanbul comes to life with outdoor festivals and events, and the city’s beaches offer a refreshing respite from the heat.

Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or just looking for a cultural experience, Istanbul has something to offer all year round.

Discover which European cities are the best to visit in any month!


Because the weather in January and February is milder than typical, Prague is an excellent alternative for people planning a trip to Europe in January. Consider Copenhagen or Athens if you want to travel somewhere more economical but still attractive. Stay in Ljubljana if you wish to escape crowds while still having access to an airport and exploring Slovenia!

During June, Dubrovnik-Cavtat has some of the most opulent hotels in the area, as well as some fantastic spots for hiking and other outdoor sports. Vienna has its fair share of museums, as well as many other things to do, such as historical sightseeing trips that will get your heart racing!


Our purpose is to assist you in making the best selection regarding where to vacation next. We understand how difficult it may be to choose from so many beautiful destinations, but we hope that this list of European cities will help you narrow down your options!

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