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There are some very successful designers from all around the world, including Turkey. Would you like to get to know the designers who combine their creativity and knowledge of design to enhance the world of fashion?

Ayşe Birsel



Ayşe Birsel is well-known in the industrial design industry having graduated from the Middle East Technical University with a first in Industrial Design. From there she continued her education by taking part in the Fullbright course in America. For her Master’s thesis she presented her “Water Room” project and became recognised in the USA and Japan. She has been named one of America’s “1000 Most Creative People” and received the Roscoe Award (the Oscar of the design industry) and designed the interiors of Renault cars up until 2007. She has featured on the cover of some of the industry’s most important magazines and her works have been displayed in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, one of the most exclusive venues in the sector.
Birsel’s collection consists of Paşabahçe Omnia branded glass and crystal pieces which she uses to show the most beautiful places of Istanbul.


Defne Koz


Defne Koz, who has special designs in many areas from furniture to lighting, lives in Milan, the heart of furniture design. She runs her own studio and travels between Italy and the USA serving multinational companies such as Pirelli, Guzzini, Steel, RSVP, Gabbianelli-Merati, German WMF, Sharp, Nissan, Japan Casio. Defne Koz designs custom made pieces for many companies operating in Turkey and has her signature on products ranging from electronics to car tyres. Defne Koz regularly displays collections of her work in the Istanbul Biennial.


Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye


Meet the world-famous ceramic artist Alev Ebuzziya. The sculptor and ceramic and glass designer has been living in Paris since 1987 but her high-fired non-porous ceramics are exhibited in major international museums worldwide including London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the Zurich Musée Bellerive, the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York, Belfast’s Ulster Museum, the State Museum of Painting and Sculpture (Ankara) and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (İstanbul). Collections of Alev Ebuzziya’s works are exhibited in art galleries throughout Istanbul every year.


Atilla Kuzu


Atilla Kuzu worked in various architecture offices until 1994. Since then, he has been working at Zoom Architecture which he founded with his partner, architect Levent Çırpıcı. The company specialises in shops, congress and exhibition palaces, and hotels. In addition, he designs interior materials including the seating unit of the Conde House in Japan. The interior designs of many modern buildings in Istanbul were designed by Atilla Kuzu.


Sezgin Aksu


In recent years Sezgin Aksu has been one of the most frequently heard Turkish names in the world of design. After studying in various schools for 8 years, he began work in Milan and now heads up the design department at De Lucchi, one of the most famous interior design studios in the city. His client portfolio includes such names as Olivetti, Siemens, Compaq, Enel, Poltrana Frau, Mandarina Duck and Fiat. Sezgin Aksu’s designs are inspired by Istanbul.

Cemil İpekçi


Cemil İpekçi is a world-renowned fashion designer. He completed his education at the Royal Academy of Arts in England and in 1965, aged just 17, he took up designing. He founded his first fashion house at the age of 20 and, at 24, opened a branch in Nice, France. Cemil İpekçi combines traditional Turkish motifs with designs inspired by the Ottomans and his designs display some of the most beautiful details of Turkish history. Ipekci lives in Istanbul and is regularly seen on TV fashion shows or as a judge in design competitions. In 2006 he designed clothes for street workers working in Beyoglu Municipality. Later, he designed clothes for the bagel sellers and chestnut sellers in Beyoğlu.

Müge Ersin


Müge Ersin applies the principles of paper marbling to the fabric in the clothes she designs under her brand, Nammu. Ersin presents artistic, colourful, feminine designs which appear fluid and effortless by design. Müge Ersin currently lives in Istanbul and her new designs are available for all to see.


Murat Günak


Murat Günak completed his education abroad and met with Renault’s design chief while working as a designer for Ford. He entered the Royal College of Art and after successfully completing his course, joined Mercedes Benz. Günak designed the current C series and also provided inspiration for the A-class and SLK. Other cars designed by Murat Günak include the Peugeot 206 CC, Peugeot 307, Peugeot 607, Volkswagen Passat CC, Volkswagen Golf V and Mia electric. Murat Günak was born in Istanbul and promotes the city through his automobile designs. He comes to Istanbul frequently and often gives lectures at conferences.


İpek Kıramer


Colour, romance, sports and charm are the signatures of İpek Kıramer. In addition to her Haute Couture designs, Kıramer, who draws attention with her underwear designs in New York, comes to the fore with her IK Young Body brand. With her Young Body designs, Kıramer promotes dynamism and comfort as she believes that life makes more sense when combined with happiness. You can buy the clothes designed by İpek Kıramer from her store in Etiler, Istanbul.

Atıl Kutoğlu


Born in 1968, Atıl Kutoğlu entered the world of fashion at a young age with an internship at Vakko and Beymen. After completing his studies in Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics, he began his career in fashion design in Vienna. He attended fashion weeks in Vienna, Munich, Düsseldorf, Milan and New York with his collections bearing traces of Turkish and Ottoman art. Famous figures such as Alek Wek, Elizabeth Jagger, Jermaine Jackson and Alexandra Richards have appeared on the catwalk at Atıl Kutoğlu’s fashion shows. He opened his first store in Nişantaşı in 2009 and in 2013 was awarded Austria’s Order of Honour. Among his famous customers are Austrian princesses Camilla von Habsburg and Francesca von Habsburg, Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Elizabeth Jagger. Atıl Kutoğlu for whom ministers and artists from all over the world are clients, currently lives in Istanbul.

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