A Day in Amsterdam Tour: Local Things to do

Do you have a day in Amsterdam and looking for ideas? Here is a plan in which you will see the natural beauty and history of Amsterdam, as well as the famous museums, canals, and you will have wonderful meals in the restaurants and cafés I recommend. This route, which includes the most visited museum in the world and a gallery featuring the works of a well-known painter, will surely keep you busy for the entire day in Amsterdam.

At the same time, I believe you can find practically any activity you can think of in Amsterdam. You can have wonderful dinners at the recommended restaurants after enjoying a bike tour through its park full of natural beauty and its most famous square.

P.S: You can get I Amsterdam City Card to visit most of the places in Amsterdam. It becomes cheaper if you would like to fill your day with Amsterdam attractions. 

Greenwoods Keizersgracht  

It will undoubtedly become one of your favorite breakfast spots due to its location and the quality of the food served.

This restaurant, which has a beautiful terrace near the canal, has received rave reviews across the board. Greenwoods Keizersgracht opened in 1998 and has since been one of the first locations that come to mind when it comes to full-service breakfast, brunch, and lunch in Amsterdam. The most popular offerings include egg benedict on an English muffin, an American pancake breakfast, and a huge breakfast burger. This restaurant also serves vegetarian and vegan gluten-free breakfasts. Because of the kindness of its personnel and the great breakfast offerings, it has become one of my favorite spots.

It’s difficult to find a place without making a reservation. The service charge is added to the account in the Netherlands. However, if you believe you had excellent service, you may leave 10%.

Golden Checklist

  • Taste – You have to eat Eggs Greenwoods. They are delicious.
  • Photo Point – Don’t forget to take a photo of the magnificent canal view.


Anne Frank House 

One of Amsterdam’s most popular and significant museums.

The museum, located in Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht area, served as a safe haven for Anne Frank and her family for two years during the occupation. While Anne Frank was at this house, she kept a diary in which she put down her dreams about the future, her sad days, and her greatest fears. The diary is subsequently discovered in their hiding spot by family friends and handed it to his father, who survives. Anne Frank’s wish came realized when her father published the diary, which has now been translated into 65 languages.

From the outside, it does not stand out from the other houses along the canal, but once inside, it transports you to the worst days of World War II. Many documentaries have also been made about the house. Netflix produced one of the documentaries. This documentary, starring Oscar winner Helen Mirren, tells the story of five survivors and Anne Frank’s life as told through her diary.

The spinning bookcase where Anne hid from the occupation and the diary on display in the attic where she wrote about her experiences are the two most essential parts of this museum. Those who read Anne Frank’s diary witness a tragic history.

Purchasing your tickets online may be a better alternative. Because of the density at the museum’s entrance, you may be unable to enter. You can also consider these tours to skip the line and save time!


Transportation Tip

You can easily reach Anne Frank’s House on foot from many parts of the city. The easiest way to reach the museum is by tram 13, 14 or 17.

Golden Checklist

  • See – The part that used to be the attic has been turned into a museum where family members are told and what happened at the end. This is one of the most surprising places in Anne Frank’s House. Don’t miss out!
  • Read – Don’t leave without looking at the original diary on display in the attic.
  • Don’t – To preserve the original works in the museum and not disturb other visitors, photography is not allowed in the museum.


Bonus – A-Bike Rental & Tours – Vondelpark 

You should stop by here in order to be able to travel by bike during the rest of your trip.

It can be a much more fun choice to take a bike tour instead of walking in Amsterdam. It will be a very nice experience to tour the squares and parks by bicycle.


Bonus – Kafenion Amsterdam 

It is a place where you will find peace with its homey atmosphere while sipping your carefully prepared coffee.

Amazing coffee, cozy atmosphere and delicious Greek pastries.




The city’s most attractive and largest park is a wonderful place to unwind. This is a place where you may appreciate the vegetation away from the city sounds.

It is a popular destination for both tourists and locals because it is one of Amsterdam’s emblems. The park also has ponds and grassy areas. You can lie down with your friends or alone in various areas, tour the park by bike, and have a wonderfully peaceful experience.

The park, which is located close to the Rijksmuseum, is exactly 47 hectares in size and has been a symbol of the city since 1864. It is nearly hard to complete on foot due to the enormous area. It offers an ideal experience in which you will be linked with nature.

This area, where you may frequently observe nature and dogs, is also continually patrolled by special police. In other words, if you hunt or catch pets in any way, you will almost certainly be deported. As a result, you should just go to enjoy nature.

The Vondelpark is located in the heart of Amsterdam. From here, you may also take the bus or tram to Vondelpark. It is also conveniently located near the Rijksmuseum.

Golden Checklist

  • See – The park is spread over a very large area. Don’t forget to see the ponds inside! Also, locals love to visit Vondelpark after getting some things to eat and drink. You can witness people eating and drinking their takeaways.
  • Photo Point – You can take a picture in its fascinating greenery.
  • Do – After renting your bike, you can cycle around the park and lie down on the grass when you get tired.
  • Don’t – Instead of walking around the park, you can get around much more easily by bike.


Bonus – Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels 


An addictively delicious dessert. Gift of Holland to the world. You must try this local taste. Rudi’s is closed on Sundays.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


There are 80 galleries and over 8000 items where you may see works of art and significant collections.

The Netherlands’ national and largest museum. The museum houses a vast collection of Dutch Golden Age paintings as well as a sizable collection of Asian art. It is a popular tourist destination because it is the largest museum in the Netherlands. Due to the scale of Rembrandt’s masterwork The Night Watch, a unique hall was erected for it when it was added to the collection of this museum. The Night Watch, one of the most popular works right now, will astound you with its beauty.


The Rijksmuseum, which houses over 8,000 works, was founded in The Hague in 1800. Founded to safeguard national treasures from the Golden Age, this location was later relocated to Amsterdam by Bonaparte’s command. With the decision of the Dutch government, artifacts that had been continually relocated between The Hague and Amsterdam owing to political reasons were finally shown in the structure built by Pierre Cuypers.

P.S.: If you have a Museum Card, you can visit the museum for free without getting in that queue. Also, entrance for ages 18 and under are free. Check out our blog to find out more about museum pass programs!

Golden Checklist

  • See – Do not pass without seeing The Night Watch, one of the most famous paintings in the museum.
  • Photo Point – Before entering the museum, you can take a photo of the garden full of sculptures designed by Pierre Cuypers in 1901.
  • Do – You should see other works of Rembrandt, the painter of light and shadow, and the Flemish painter Johannes Vermeer, who painted the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, described as the Mona Lisa of the Netherlands, at the Rijksmuseum.
  • Don’t – The museum gets extremely crowded on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you have the opportunity, you can choose other days to visit.



Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam


The museum houses the works of a world-renowned artists. The museum, which houses the works of the world-renowned artist who lived between 1853 and 1890, is housed in a modern building designed by Gerrit Rietveld and built-in 1973.

This art gallery is said to be the most visited museum in the Netherlands. Many visitors to the Netherlands consider it a must-see. Van Gogh is recognized with tremendous interest and respect today, despite the fact that he only sold one work during his lifetime.


This museum has the greatest of Van Gogh’s art collections, which includes more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and the 750 letters Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo. At the same time, all works are displayed chronologically. As a result, you can see how Van Gogh’s drawing style evolves day by day. Van Gogh’s self-portrait and “sunflowers” are the most popular paintings in the museum. Don’t pass up this opportunity. The museum also houses the works of painters who were influenced by Van Gogh.

P.S.: Free admission under 18 years old. The park in between the museums is always crowded with young people.

Golden Checklist

  • See – One of the works that you should not leave without seeing in the museum is the self-portrait of Van Gogh.
  • Buy – The largest museum shop is located at the entrance of the museum. In this shop where you can find many products, souvenirs inspired by Van Gogh’s works can be a perfect gift for yourself or your friend.
  • Do – The museum has 3 floors. On the bottom floor are the early works of Von Gogh. There are works and explanations according to its development. On the top floor are his latest works. Be sure to visit each floor.
  • Don’t – Photography is prohibited in the museum. Just enjoy the art.


Dam Square Amsterdam


You should see the location that inspired the city’s name. This is a must-see attraction for any visitor to Amsterdam.

The plaza, which is always vibrant and dynamic, is the beating heart of Amsterdam. This square, which hosts many activities like fairs, carnivals, and street performers, is a tourist hotspot.

The dam built in the 13th century inspired the name of Amsterdam Dam Square. The city was also named after the dam built on the Amstel River. Amstel Dam eventually became Amsterdam. Dam Square, built by the merger of two tiny squares, Middledam and Plaeste, has increased in trade with ships loading and unloading products from the port and has evolved into a massive fish market.

Golden Checklist

  • Photo Point – Do not forget to take a photo in front of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, which was built in 1655 and started to serve as Amsterdam’s City Hall.
  • Do – You should go to the National Monument, a huge limestone commemorative symbol rising east of Dam Square.
  • Don’t – It’s a very crowded square. You may not want to carry your bag in the back 🙂



Arca Amsterdam

Delicious meals in a relaxed and stylish setting. Portuguese meals with current flavors, Asian influences, and remarkable recipes that are relaxed and pleasant.

The ARCA menu has Petiscos, which are amply divided dishes suited for sharing, as well as larger plates that may be enjoyed alone or shared.

The World’s Best Chef, Portuguese chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, founded ARCA as the first restaurant outside of Lisbon in Europe in November 2021, and its Amsterdam branch, which is more fun and more pleasant than its other branches, attracts many tourists.

This event necessitates a reservation. Please keep in mind that the restaurant is closed on Mondays. The service charge is added to the account in the Netherlands. However, if you believe you had excellent service, you may leave 10%.

Golden Checklist

  • Taste – You should try the tuna tataki on the A touch of Asia tasting menu.
  • Do – The staff knows their food very well and you can get interesting advice from them.
  • Don’t – You should not go without a reservation.


Bar The Tailor

A fantastic and innovative location to try something new. With its custom-made cuisine, this restaurant will make you feel unique. Stylish and entertaining. In addition, the personnel are quite pleasant.

Indoors, high-quality, tailor-made dishes are provided, with tailoring features. In a nutshell: a fantastic combination of taste and experience!

Alex Montrose, the bar manager, works wonders with his beverage knowledge and talents. He has a solid knowledge foundation of high-quality recipes from his 12 years of experience.

It should be noted that it is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The service charge is added to the account in the Netherlands. However, if you believe you had excellent service, you may leave 10%.

Golden Checklist

  • Taste – I recommend duck cannoli from the tailor bites menu.
  • Do – Check their menu with lots of recipes.
  • Don’t go with the flavors you know. Try something new.


Flying Dutchmen

Even the name suggests a lot about the nightlife! As an alternative, if you enjoy it, this is heaven! Mixology is growing more popular in Dutch society as well as in other countries, as seen by Flying Dutchmen’s innovative recipes!

My recommendation is Flying Dutchmen, a bar in the middle of Amsterdam. The bar has the largest back bar in the Netherlands and focuses on neoclassic concoctions using over 800 different spirits.

It is the newest bar in Amsterdam, open seven days a week from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m. The service charge is added to the account in the Netherlands. However, if you believe you had excellent service, you may leave 10%.

Golden Checklist

  • Taste – Their signature recipe is preferred but you can check the whole menu before ordering.
  • Do – You can book a workshop here! Check out their website for more!
  • Don’t forget to make a reservation. The place is sensitive about the rules.


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