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Have you ever said “I wish I was there” while looking at the view of the sea over any piece of land? This is sure to come to mind when you see boats floating on the water in the Bosphorus: “I wish I was on that boat.” Right in the middle of Istanbul but far from the city, these Istanbul boat tours are another world for resting and having fun.

In order to understand which is the best Istanbul yacht tour, it is enough to focus on what kind of Bosphorus tour in Istanbul you want. There are many alternatives for you to do this.

What kind of entertainment would you like? What would you like to experience, both near and far from everyone? There is everything here.
While sipping a drink on a luxury yacht, you can see iconic structures such as Sultanahmet, Dolmabahçe Palace, Çırağan Palace, Rumeli Fortress, Ortaköy Mosque, and Maiden’s Tower.

While passing under the Bosphorus Bridge, you have the opportunity to watch many attractions on both the European and Asian coasts from the sea.

Moreover, if you have hired a guide, you can listen to the mysterious and historical stories of all these structures spread over both continents. If you want a Bosphorus tour in Istanbul, let’s see what you can do for it.

There are several alternatives for Istanbul boat tours.

The first of these is to charter a private Istanbul yacht tour that is completely special for you. You can choose the menu and type of entertainment you want while wandering in the Bosphorus waters, you are the boss.

Another is the more economical Istanbul boat tours. Boats have routes and departure times, you can move according to them.
There are also tours of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

1. Would you like to tour the Bosphorus by Chartering a Private Boat?


If you want to take advantage of the route and service and to travel on a yacht that belongs to you, you can charter a private Istanbul yacht tour.

For private boats, you need to contact various tour companies. There are various package services and fees in these calls. They can offer you whatever services you want. The boat is entirely yours and serves you.

In this type of tour, the company picks you up from your hotel and brings you to the pier where you will start the tour. They usually take off from Kabataş Pier.

The size of the boat changes according to the number of people who will participate in the tour. A maximum of 12 people can fit on the smallest boat, while the maximum number of people on larger boats is 25.

If you want a standard Bosphorus tour in Istanbul, various treats are free. But if you want this type of tour, you can choose to make it a little more energetic. You can also choose a menu and entertainment organization.

Boats also provide a very romantic setting for many proposals. Boats are highly preferred for marriage proposals, birthdays, and surprise celebrations of special days.

The number of activities that can be done on the boat is also quite large. In addition to food, drinks, and singing, belly dancers can also come. If you want, you can also rent a “swimming tour” with the boat. You can sail close to the islands and swim here, and enjoy swimming in the waters of the Bosphorus. If you want, you can go to the Black Sea and anchor here.

Boat tours are organized from very early in the morning until after dark. The most preferred time zone is sunset. You will spend a minimum of 2,5 hours on the boat tour.

There are vegan and vegetarian alternatives on the menu. It is very important that the entire organization flows smoothly. Therefore, it is necessary to work with reliable companies.

I can suggest The Guardian Guide or Sultanahmet Old City. You can look at the Instagram pages and get information. Prices are around 250€ for 1 to 5 people, 350€ for 1 to 10 people, and 450€ for 1 to 25 people.

2. A Practical Option: Turyol or Dentur Bosphorus Cruise


Turyol (or Dentur) organizes tours open to everyone. The biggest advantage is that there is a boat that will set off every hour. That way, one doesn’t have to worry about “I missed the boat”.

Since it is on a pier very close to the Spice Bazaar, you can first visit this place and then go on a Bosphorus tour.

You can buy your ticket from the Turyol box office by the Eminönü beach. If you want to go on such a trip, you can hire a guide so that this person can tell you about the places you see.

Turyol Bosphorus Tour starts from Eminönü. First of all, it stops in Üsküdar. From there, it picks up passengers on the Anatolian side. Therefore, you can start the tour from Eminönü or Üsküdar piers.

The tour, which starts from Eminönü, first stops at Üsküdar, and from there, it starts to pass close to the shores of the European Side. This journey continues until Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. It turns just under the bridge and approaches the shores of the Anatolian side.

Thus, you have the opportunity to see the historical buildings and attractions on the coast of Europe on the way and Anatolia on the way back from the sea.

The journey takes 1.5 hours, and on the way back, the excursion boat, which stops by Üsküdar, completes the journey in Eminönü.
The fee varies depending on the tariff you choose. If you choose a long boat tour, it will cost you 65 TL.


You can also take an economical boat trip Istanbul Bosphorus tour with the boats departing from Karaköy Pier instead of Eminönü pier. The name of this company is “Dentur”. The fares are the same, but the tour takes a little longer as it departs from Karaköy.

3. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Bosphorus Tours


It is also possible to take a Bosphorus tour by taking the city lines ferry of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. There are two routes: the long route and the short route. You have the chance to take a break on the long route. Do you want to see them all one by one?

4. IMM City Lines Long Route


If you want to go on the long route while doing the Bosphorus tour with the IMM city lines, you need to be at the Eminönü pier at 10:35 in the morning.

Long boat trip from Istanbul to Black Sea. The long route goes until 12:00 from the departure, until the point of the Bosphorus connecting to the Black Sea. On this route, there is a stop at Anadolu Kavağı, one of the closest points to the Black Sea. This route is the longest economical journey among boat tours in Istanbul Turkey to visit the Bosphorus.

You have 3 hours here. You can eat nice fish, visit Yoros Castle, and enjoy the magnificent view.

The break at Anadolu Kavağı ends at 15:00. The return journey of the ferry takes 1.5 hours, and the trip is completed at 16:30 in Eminönü.

5. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines Short Route


The departure time for this route from Eminönü Pier is 14:30. The ferry stops at Üsküdar and Ortaköy Pier, respectively. After taking off from the pier, it draws a route close to the European shores. It passes under the Fatih Bridge on the way back on the route close to the Anatolian coast.

There is no break, it stops at the same piers on the way back. The journey takes about 2 hours. The tour ends at Eminönü Pier at 16:30.
You can pay for the Bosphorus boat tour Istanbul price via Istanbulkart. For the long Bosphorus tour, round trip and return are 65 TL. You pay 39 TL for one way. The round trip for children under 12 is 32,5 TL. Free for 0-6-year-olds. On the short route, 32 TL per person is paid. And 16 TL for those who are under 12 years old.

If you have come to Istanbul, there are important events that you cannot go without. Bosphorus tour is one of them. To see the others, I suggest you read the things to do in Istanbul article. Istanbul boat tours promise you unforgettable hours. Especially at sunset time.

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