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The Asian part of Istanbul is long and narrow. It spans along the Bosporus shore and “touches” the Sea of Marmara. Many people wrongly assume that once they arrive in Asian Istanbul, they would be transported to an entirely other Türkiye – traditional and conservative. This is completely false. There are numerous activities you can do in this area of town, including visiting museums, cafés, parks, and festivals.

1. Asian and European sides: The Difference

European side

The Asian and European sides of Istanbul are extremely distinct areas of the same city, yet there are certain similarities that form a cultural link between the two. The Asian side of Istanbul is commonly referred to as the “sultan’s side” since it was previously home to Ottoman palaces as well as the sultans’ religious treasures. Istanbul’s notable architectural icons may be found on the European side, including Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and the Archaeological Museum. The European side attractions however can be reached from the Asian side.

2. Visit Historic Sites on the Asian Side

main photo Asian side

Üsküdar – The Üsküdar region is densely packed with old imperial houses like as the Beylerbeyi Palace and religious structures such as the freshly built amlca mosque.

Nostalgic Tram – In Istanbul, there are two nostalgic trams, one of which is situated in Kadköy. It loops around to Moda, a cosmopolitan neighborhood popular with artists, students, and young people.

Moda – In Moda, sipping tea or drinking Turkish coffee with reading a book is a terrific way to spend the day! The Moda Tea Garden, which has a beautiful view, is the ideal location for this. It is popular with both residents and visitors.

Avenue Bağdat – Bağdat avenue is a 15-kilometer-long roadway with several alternatives that runs from the Söütlü eşme district all the way to Maltepe.

3. How to Get to Istanbul’s Asian Side

to the Asian side

The Asian side of Istanbul is readily accessible from the European side by boat or ferry. There are ferry ports at the H-B Bridge, Sirkeci Pier, and Sariyer Pier. IDO, Ferrytura, Seajet, and Eco-Cruise are the most popular ferry operators, with the most daily departures. If you are going by car, you may reach the Asian side by crossing the Bosphorus Bridge. There are other ferries from the Black Sea that link the Asian and European sides.


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