Shopping Tour London: Best Shopping Destinations in London

Spend a whole day exploring the eclectic culture of London shopping, sampling the trendy, sophisticated, luxury, hipster, and oriental. Shopping in London has a lot to offer, including London attractions and London activities to do.

Even seasoned travelers will be perplexed by the complexities of London’s shopping sector. Simply, there is far too much to see and do in one trip, such as Harrods, Covent Garden Market, Borough Market and london shopping mall options. Our trip planners living in London hand-picked some of the top shopping areas and gathered them together in daily routes! You can access the London trip plans through this link.

1 day in London is never enough! But you can save time by choosing these tours I suggest for your trip to London. IF you are into local food tour in London, you should read our latest blog!


Let’s start with our London shopping route, now! This journey will take you through every aspect of London’s shopping culture, from the opulent to the low-key, the antique and the modern, the traditional and the rebellious, and everything in between.

Borough Market


The first one of London shopping street options. Taste the world’s best cheeses, seafood, and more. This restaurant is the “genuine deal” when it comes to fresh, organic, and clean cuisine. Help a hardworking and pleasant farmer from Yorkshire’s rolling hills and more in the process!

Golden Checklist

  • See – The Shard, Western Europe’s tallest structure, can be found right next to the main entrance. The Shard, shaped like a tall and lanky pyramid, is a bizarre but stunning building.
  • Try a teaspoon of the world’s most potent balsamic vinegar at the Italian Olive Oil Co stall to find out what the “genuine thing” tastes like.
  • Buy a good and hefty block of Comte cheese; it is unrivaled in terms of taste and freshness. You can also take home a little bottle of Sardinian squeezed olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or a jar of ‘truffle’. Just make sure that everything you buy does not expire! In other words, if you can’t refrigerate fresh meat or fish right away, it might not be the best decision!
  • Photo Point- Do you want to take a good photo or two? Cross London Bridge to the other side of the Thames River and grab some posh pictures next to London’s towering skyline. Canary Wharf may be seen on the far right, and the dome of St.Cathedral Paul’s can be seen on the far left, peering over the jumble of glass structures and gothic remains. Take a selfie, a group picture, or a breathtaking panorama; the option is yours!
  • Don’t – If the shopkeeper notices you, make sure to say hi! They are quite friendly. 😉


Royal Exchange

This magnificent landmark, grand, awe-inspiring, and regal, stands in stark contrast to Borough Market in terms of London shopping mall and London shopping centre. It appears to be anything but a shopping destination, as it is located in a quiet part of London near the Bank of England. Your jaws will drop open in astonishment and admiration when you pass past its towering pillars and step inside. It’s a silent “explosion” of grandeur and glamor, with trendy boutiques, expensive labels, and limited-edition purses.

Aspinal of London, Laudree of Paris, Watches of Switzerland, and many more are among the brands available. You can make an appointment ahead of time, or simply walk in and an assistant will be waiting to serve you. Inside Fortnum and Mason, you may find the finest English tea blends, Scottish shortbreads, and quality gifts for your family back home.


Covent Garden Market


This popular London landmark is a local favorite and a must-see for all visitors. With eccentric cafes, magnificent outdoor performers, and adorable coffee shops, this is the ideal area to browse, relax, pick up a few gifts, and laugh with friends!

You can consider Covent Garden Market outlet mall London being known as an outlet in London as well.

Golden Checklist

  • See – The outdoor performances, whether it’s a clown performing card tricks, fire-jumping, or Yo-yo tricks, make sure to catch a show! They happen all day, so you won’t be able to miss them!
  • Taste – Head one floor downstairs from the balcony in the indoor market and have a French crepe in one of the gleaming cafes! You will not be sorry.
  • Purchase – This shop is brimming with handcrafted items and artwork! My favorite is the homemade organic scents; you can smell them from a mile away!
  • Don’t forget to tip the entertainers!



Today, makeup and cosmetics have a bad reputation for containing harmful chemicals and damaging the environment. This shop aims to alter that by offering a wide range of ethical, animal-friendly, and pure cosmetic brands. Stores like these are paving the way for a more sustainable future, demonstrating that luxury does not have to devastate our precious world.

Visit this location to thank them for their efforts and to learn about the impact of organically sourced cosmetics on your skin, hair, eyes, and much more.


Leicester Square


This pedestrian-only square is brimming with energy and vibrancy, with music festivals, outdoor cinema screenings, dancers, and more shopping. You’ll find plenty to do here, whether you want to grab a bite, visit London Legoland, relax and unwind, or lounge at one of the many outdoor cafes.

Golden Checklist

  • See for yourself – If you’re a Game of Thrones fan (and who isn’t? ), you must see the Iron Throne! It’s a spectacular and nostalgic sight, unveiled to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the compelling series!
  • Photo Point- Want to take a picture with Paddington Bear, Mr. Bean, or Laurel and Hardy? As you explore the area, look for each one’s monument or figurine and take a lovely shot next to your favorite!
  • Do – Take a walking tour of the plaza, where you can run into some of the most well-known British film stars. Say hello to the interactive statue trail, which features favorites such as Mr. Bean, Laurel and Hardy, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, and Batman! A welcome diversion from rummaging through your wallet and stuffing your shopping bags. 😉
  • Listen – Take the audio walking tour and discover the various cultural icons that can be traced back to Leicester Square!
  • Do not restrict anyone’s view of a performer by walking between the audience and the entertainer! They strive hard to draw large crowds.


LEGO Store – Leicester Square


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LEGO (@lego)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Have you ever played with bricks or building blocks as a child? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This unmatched king of building blocks will rekindle your childhood love of making cool stuff! In fact, the entire establishment is composed of simple plastic building pieces, from the towering statues, sculptures, and replicas to the mind-boggling extortion racket of toys in every direction.


M&M Store – Leicester Square


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Chocolate lovers will enjoy this wonderful treat. Step inside, and your eyes will be bombarded with chocolates in every form and color imaginable, coming from every direction. Get lost in the world’s largest candy store, pose for photos with huge figurines, climb the balconies and winding staircases, meet a fellow chocolate lover, and have the time of your life. In this one-and-only chocaholic refuge, you can release your inner child and indulge your chocaholic nerves.




London shopping street hosting beautiful architecture, lighting and everything! Harrods with 15 million visitors each year, it’s difficult to discern whether this is a tourist attraction or the high-end department store that it purports to be. But there’s only one way to find out, and that’s to go. 😉

Golden Checklist

  • See: In the second story, there is a big golden lion. It’s not for sale, but it’s a stunning sight nonetheless!
  • Taste – Stroll around the never-ending food hall, feasting your tongue (or eyes) on delicacies from every part of the globe.
  • Buy – Adorable teddy bears, London-themed souvenirs, apparel, jewelry, perfumes, bridal gowns, and much more.
  • Do not become disoriented! Use the maps, signs, and concierge desks to help you find your way out.


Oxford Street


While searching for best shopping streets in London, you come across with Oxford Street, being one of the famous shopping street in London options!
Oxford Street is a major shopping street in London, England. It is one of the busiest streets in Europe, with approximately half a million daily visitors, and is a popular destination for both local and international shoppers. The street is home to a variety of retail outlets, including department stores, high street chains, and independent shops.

It is known for its wide range of clothing, beauty, and home goods, as well as its numerous restaurants and cafes. Oxford Street is also home to several iconic London landmarks, such as the Selfridges department store and the flagship stores of many international brands. It is an important hub for the city’s economy and is a major contributor to London’s status as a global shopping destination.



Selfridge’s – Oxford Street

One of London’s largest and most diverse departmental stores, you may never need to shop anywhere else again. Step into this “multiverse” of high-end brands, featuring Swiss watches, Jo Malone perfumes, Jimmy Choo shoes, and a wide array of items for multiple occasions. Find your engagement ring, wedding dress, graduation suit, and party dresses, all in one vast cave lit by some of the world’s most glittering brands.


Arabian Oud – Oxford Street


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Arabic Perfume has its own ethereal allure. It hits considerably harder when taken from the finest roots and barks! So enter our tiny perfumery and inhale a beautiful aroma from the Arabian deserts.


Savile Row


Looking for a suit that stands out from the crowd? Look no further than this undiscovered treasure. This tucked-away small street is the epicenter of bespoke tailoring for men, unrivaled by any other tailoring city on the planet. No site has more knowledge, expertise, and elegance in the delicate art of suit-making than this modest row of stores, which has been serving the finest tailored suits since the dawn of the modern age. A three-piece suit here can cost up to £5000, with the finest and rarest items fetching more than £20,000!


Itineraries featuring stops at some of London’s best shops were compiled by our local trip designers. This link will take you to the itinerary for your journey to London.

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