Earn money as a trip designer by sharing your suggestions.

Find out how much you can earn by designing a plan for your city

What is trip designing?

Share your city, your favorite things in it, and your experiences with the details you want travellers to experience. Tell what you love about the city with difference-making details and transfer your perfect days to travellers with all their delicacy.

As a trip designer, you can open new doors

You are the one who lives the city. Travellers are waiting for your advice.

You don’t have to have a profession in the field of tourism. If you are someone who is making plans for your friends who visit your city as a tourist, if your phone doesn’t stop ringing about this, or if you have unforgettable days that you would enjoy sharing, we are looking forward to you!

The city is yours, you know the best of how to live. As a trip designer, we want you to explain how you experience the city, your most enjoyable days. In this way, everyone who visits your city can enjoy it as much as you do, with your unique days.

Share the way you live your city

Travellers need more than cliché spots and places they can easily find in a city guide booklet; they want to live the city while having experiences they can’t find easily. They want to experience that authentic lifestyle of yours. It is these experiences that turn an ordinary trip into a travel that remains stuck in memories.

Make money doing your beloved things

Let people discover the street art or street flavors, monetize your lifestyle! Tell stories about the people you know, the places you visit, the restaurants you prefer, talk about local traditions, that infamous chief who makes the most delicious food on the back alley. Without feeling like you’re working, make money by directing travellers to the activities you like the most.

Help us plant 100,000 trees in your city

Do more than just helping the travellers to experience an authentic travel. At the same time, help your city breathe. For each plan travellers purchase, one tree will be planted in your city. Our goal is to plant 100.000 trees in each city we open up!

Join the community that enjoys living the city.

Our trip designer community includes people from art history teachers to computer engineers, DJs to chefs you see on the street every day who know how to see, travel, eat and live. You don’t have to have a cool job; we are waiting for you if you have days to share joyfully.

What is the process to be a trip designer?

Being a trip designer consists of the following 3 steps.

1. Apply

It is our priority that travellers who purchase plans spend their days in the best and flawless way. After you apply, we explain how to make the best plan and our quality standards through contents and e-mails. We want you to fill an application form which will inform both us and the travellers about your style.

2. Design your day

You can start creating your favorite experiences and days through the link you’ll be directed to. We will give you feedback in every step of your designing process to help you to come up with the best plan.

3. Support and update

We expect you to help the travellers who have purchased your plan by answering their questions via a messaging app. This includes also updating your plan periodically.

EUROPE has a magnificent potential for you


Number of tourists visited Eurasia in the last 10 years


Number of tourists visited Eurasia in the last 12 months


Number of tourists that will visit Eurasia in the next week

Best 10 European Cities
In Terms of Tourist Arrivals

London (19.842.800)
Paris (15.834.200)
Istanbul (10.730.300)
Rome (9.531.600)
Antalya (9.482.400)
Prague (8.806.700)
Amsterdam (7.848.000)
Barcelona (6.530.100)
Milan (6.347.900)
Vienna (6.067.100)

Most visited Eurasian countries

We will be with you whenever you need!

We share and explain everything you want to know about trip designing.

Apart from helping out about who do you address, how do you describe your plan the best, we also provide support for the tricks you need to reach more travellers. While doing this, we protect all your information and plans and we don’t share them with any other person/institution. We take all the necessary care for you to share your high-quality and enjoyable days.

  • We sign a confidentiality agreement with all trip designers.
  • We do not share any of your sensitive data with travellers.
  • We provide you the messaging ability with the travellers under our supervision.
  • We are with you via our support team that you can reach about any case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do?

If you want to share your love for the city, join our trip designers community. Registration is simple and free. After approval, you’ll be asked to upload full day plans for our travellers who want to experience an authentic trip in the places you know best. Our travellers want to reach complex details and unique places in your city to have an amazing day. You know better than anyone how to help them get the best out of their day. If you have any problems registering, we’re here to help you complete the process.

Can I get any help while designing these plans?

Sure! You don’t need to be a computer whizz – it’s your expertise and local knowledge that we’re interested in. Our support team is always on hand to help you create a plan. And every submitted plan is evaluated with feedback provided to you, the trip designer. So the more plans you submit, the better you’ll get – and the more money you’ll make.

How much will / can I earn?

There is no upper limit to what you can earn. Your earnings are based on how many travellers buy your plan and the ratings they provide, with the potential to earn 35% of total earnings for every unlocked plan.

Is there anything I can do to earn more money?

Sure there is! Make sure that your plans are up-to-date. If a new restaurant opens in your town, make sure it’s added to your plan. The same goes for new tourist attractions or exhibitions/displays at your local museum or art gallery. You can also improve your ratings by maintaining a good relationship with your travellers. If there is a one-time event such as a Champions League match or a concert, include it in the plan. Remember – happy travellers means high ratings and thus, more money in your pocket. And don’t forget, there are millions of travellers coming to your city every year. 😉

Apart from earning money, what is the point of being a trip designer?

Millions of people travel to different parts of the world on a daily basis, which has many good sides but some bad ones too. One of the major negative impacts is pollution. We’re taking a stand on that issue, so for every plan that’s unlocked, we’ll plant a tree in the heart of the city. The more unlocked plans, the more trees planted. Our aim is to plant 100,000 trees in 2 years in each of the cities we operate in. But we need your help to achieve this. As we grow, we’ll be tackling other issues such as ethical tourism and inequality.

Can I design many plans or just one but a perfect one?

You can design as many plans as you want but they all need to be great. We have a commitment to our travellers to ensure the plans they unlock will make their day unforgettable and unique, so low ratings may mean that we have to suspend your plan for a review. But different travellers have different desires so if you can design more amazing days in your city, then go ahead and create as many as you like!

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