With the route you have designed, travelers will explore your city by following your footsteps.

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What are the HeyTripster plan standards?

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  • Routes that are suitable for different time zones of the day (Day trip plans at least 8 / Evening trip plans at least 6 hours)
  • Rich variety of events (at least 5 main events, 1 alternative event and 5 bonus events)
  • Highlighting the key features of the activities that make up the plan (buy, make, taste, see, read, listen ...)
  • Detailed basic information (hygiene rules, transportation, reservation information, tip information, dresscode)
  • Local experiences, stories, recipes and all the details that must be known.

Create a product out of the trip plan you designed!

Who is a trip designer?

If you are someone,

  • Who likes to create content such as writing, photographs or videos,
  • Who gives importance to trip planning,
  • Who finds meanings in fine details while traveling,
  • Who loves to share your travel experience with others,
  • Who pays attention to be environment-friendly while traveling,

We welcome you to our community of trip designers. We make it easy for you to produce content with our professional support and feedback system specific to the trip plans.
Have questions? Click here to read F.A.Qs.

Share the way you live your city

Travellers need more than cliché spots and places they can easily find in a city guide booklet; they want to live the city while having experiences they can’t find easily. They want to experience that authentic lifestyle of yours. It is these experiences that turn an ordinary trip into a travel that remains stuck in memories.

Make money doing your beloved things

Let people discover the street art or street flavors, monetize your lifestyle! Tell stories about the people you know, the places you visit, the restaurants you prefer, talk about local traditions, that infamous chief who makes the most delicious food on the back alley. Without feeling like you’re working, make money by directing travellers to the activities you like the most.

Help us plant 100,000 trees in your city

Do more than just helping the travellers to experience an authentic travel. At the same time, help your city breathe. For each plan travellers purchase, one tree will be planted in your city. Our goal is to plant 100.000 trees in each city we open up!

Join the community that enjoys living the city.

Our trip designer community includes people from art history teachers to computer engineers, DJs to chefs you see on the street every day who know how to see, travel, eat and live. You don’t have to have a cool job; we are waiting for you if you have days to share joyfully.

What is the process to be a trip designer?

Being a trip designer consists of the following 3 steps.

1. Register

Register to Designers Hub. Attend to the HeyTripster Trip Planning training and read the tutorials.

2. Design Your Itinerary

Create your route according to the HeyTripster plan standards and send us for the quality check. Rearrange your plan according to the feedbacks and resend it.

3. Your Plan is Live!

Update your plan each month according to the recent changes in the events and locations you added.


You can only sign in through desktop devices.

We will be with you whenever you need!

We share and explain everything you want to know about trip designing.

Apart from helping out about who do you address, how do you describe your plan the best, we also provide support for the tricks you need to reach more travellers. While doing this, we protect all your information and plans and we don’t share them with any other person/institution. We take all the necessary care for you to share your high-quality and enjoyable days.

  • We sign a confidentiality agreement with all trip designers.
  • We do not share any of your sensitive data with travellers.
  • We provide you the messaging ability with the travellers under our supervision.
  • We are with you via our support team that you can reach about any case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these plans simply the digitalised version of a random touristic city tour?

Not at all. Firstly HeyTripster offers a trip-designing platform where you can go beyond the widespread and touristic destinations. So that you can create a trip plan with a specific interest, concept, or theme; for example, you might be really into reading and creating an itinerary about a city’s literature and poets. You can be interested in arts, and you might make your unique trip plan with each event related to another gallery or cultural center. You can create many trip plans with entirely different themes and interests.

What should I do first to be a trip designer?

All you should do is register to the Designers Hub, the trip design atelier of HeyTripster. So please pay attention to fill up the registration form as far as you can. In this way, the other trip designers and travellers can get to know you more, and your plans can be more likely to be sold.

How do I design a trip plan in Designers Hub?

At HeyTripster, we have a specific trip plan format digitalized by the efforts of our professional tour guide team members. To get more familiar with this new digital tool, you can either join our webinars or follow the directions on the draft plan page. In addition, you can find the articles we have prepared to assist you in designing a trip plan via information boxes which we have added to the trip plan design process in Designers Hub.

In which language should I write my plan?

You can write your plan in your native language. HeyTripster’s professional team can translate according to its relevant traveller group, then publish your trip plan. It would help if you took care of the only issue: designing your plan relevant to the group you want to reach. Then, you can feel comfortable that the HeyTripster team will prepare your trip plan in the best way for the correct traveller group.

Do I meet with the traveller who buys my plan?

HeyTripster trip plan is designed as a self-guided itinerary for travellers who prefer to travel without escorts. When you apply to be a trip designer, you accept the condition not to meet the traveller. However, if you are a professional and licensed guide, you can get detailed information from us before creating trip plans, including the accompaniment of a professional tourist guide.

How much do I earn with one trip plan?

The trip plan you created on Designers Hub is published in Turkish or English -sometimes both- depending on the relevance to its traveller group. You earn 30% of the price of the trip plan. This rate may go up to 50% during campaign periods.

Is there anything left to do after my trip plan is published?

Yes, we expect you to monthly refresh your trip plan. For example, there might be a change in a specific event or restaurant. However, the essential feature of a HeyTripster trip plan that differentiates it from all the bulks of information on the internet is that it is up-to-date. Therefore, we will remind you to refresh your trip plan monthly. That is all. The plans which are not monthly updated are being suspended.

How do I contribute to make my city greener?

Millions of people travel to different parts of the world daily, which has many good sides but some bad ones. One of the significant adverse impacts is pollution. We’re taking a stand on that issue; for each trip plan sold, we plant a tree in the city of that plan. The more sold plans, the more trees planted. We aim to plant 100,000 trees in 2 years.

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