The 27 Best Turkish Designers You Must Know About

Cemil İpekçi

Cemil İpekçi combines traditional Turkish motifs with designs inspired by the Ottoman designers and his designs display some of the most beautiful details of Turkish history.

Müge Ersin

Ersin presents artistic, colourful, feminine designs which appear fluid and effortless by design.

İpek Kıramer

Colour, romance, sports and charm are the signatures of İpek Kıramer. In addition to her Haute Couture designs, Kıramer, who draws attention with her underwear designs in New York, comes to the fore with her IK Young Body brand.

Duygu Boz

Duygu Boz argues that KNITSS women have the freedom to create their own style. Duygu Boz, who is also the creative director of KNITSS, blends the modern and sophisticated approach of women with an effortless and luxurious style.

Bunyamin founded Les Benjamins in 2011, originally designing only t-shirts. Since then it has become a brand synonymous with collections of men and women clothing. Bünyamin Aydın creates a synthesis in his designs by overlapping eastern and western cultures.

Bünyamin Aydın