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You can eat numerous desserts in Istanbul. However, baklava has a different place. Baklava is one of Turkey’s special dessert. Its dough is very thin and made from hundreds of layers. In the flavors put between the dough, walnuts, pistachios, such as flavors are placed on preference. It also takes various names according to how it is made: carrot slice baklava, milky Nuriye, home baklava…. When ”baklava” is mentioned in Istanbul, several addresses come to mind. Here are those addresses.

Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Baklava is prepared by the master, baked in the oven and brought to the place to sell. It is provided to maintain freshness during this journey. Karaköy Güllüoğlu offers the taste and freshness of baklava when it is cooked. Because the oven is located in the baklava store. Karaköy branch, which has been the only branch since its opening, welcomes its guests. Güllüoğlu also produces gluten-free baklava. Its masters have unique dough-making techniques, which give the baklava a special flavor. Güllüoğlu delivers special gift packages with special notes to the address in Turkey and abroad rapidly. It is located on Mumhane Street in Karaköy, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. You need to come here to eat baklava in Karaköy Güllüoğlu which is the only branch. The place has a modest decoration. The prices are quite normal according to the flavor. One kilo of the baklava is sold at prices between 80 and 100 TL. Karaköy Güllüoğlu, which is given 5 stars by each visitor, is one of the important addresses of baklava.

Gazi Burma

Gazi Burma, which is one of the hidden places of Istanbul, has two branches in Pendik. Pendik is very far from the touristic areas of Istanbul. But it’s worth going up there. If you are looking for an unforgettable flavor, you should taste Gazi Burma’s pistachio baklava. It is best to taste the fresh baklavas of Gaziburma, which has strict rules about ordering. There are other desserts and cakes in the patisserie. The price of a kilogram of baklava is around 70 – 90 TL.

Kaşıbeyaz Baklava

Kaşıbeyaz, which is located in the elite areas of Istanbul, is preferred with its kebabs and desserts. Their desserts, like kebabs, began to be produced and served after long-term work. The crispness and freshness of baklava made by the masters since the raw material of the dough are very important for Kaşıbeyaz. Kaşıbeyaz is a very luxurious restaurant. There is “Kaşıbeyaz Shop” on Etiler Nispetiye Street which sells only dessert and baklava. You can eat baklava or other desserts from Kaşıbeyaz shop in Etiler without going to any restaurant. In addition to carrot slice baklava, milky Nuriye is also delicious. Baklava prices are also slightly higher than other desserts. The price of a kilo of baklava is between 90 – 130 TL.


Köşkeroğlu established his first branch in Gaziantep and his reputation reached to Istanbul. Consequently, Köşkeroğlu came to Istanbul. It currently has 5 branches. There is also a restaurant serving local dishes from Gaziantep and its surroundings. The prices of Köşkeroğlu baklavas, which have two branches in Karaköy, vary between 75 and 95 TL. Domestic orders can be placed, but they do not send orders abroad.

Hafız Mustafa

In Hafız Mustafa, a brand name for dessert with its 150 years of experience, you should eat pistachio baklava. For a nostalgic trip, you can prefer Sirkeci or Bahçekapı branches. As soon as you enter the shop, you will feel as if you are on a journey of time and come to old Istanbul. You can choose from baklava and dessert varieties that can be ordered abroad. You should definitely drink Turkish coffee after eating desserts in quite humble shops. The nostalgic atmosphere of the shops will take you on a peaceful and mystical journey. Baklava prices are average. One kilogram of baklava ranges from 85 TL to 120 TL.

Salih Özkan

If you want to eat one of the most delicious and fresh baklava of Istanbul in a friendly atmosphere in a small and nostalgic patisserie, you should come to Salih Özkan. The baklava prices in Salih Özkan, that has some other delicious pastries and desserts, as much as the average baklava shop.

Develi Baklava

Develi is actually famous for its kebabs. But it has a tiny shop in Eminönü, it’s like a magic chest. We’re sure you’ll know what we mean while you are eating your baklava. Prices are slightly above the average. You can also eat from this delicious baklava in Samatya, Kalamış, and Ataşehir Develi Restaurants. The interior decoration of the restaurants is quite luxurious and flashy.

Kafadaroğlu Baklava

People in Turkey do not have sweet crises, they have baklava crises. In some dessert shops, you order and eat quickly and leave the shop. Kafadaroğlu Baklava is one of these places. The shop is small and has no seat. You go in, you order the baklava, you eat while standing and leave. Kafadaroglu Baklava is in Besiktaş. One kilogram of baklava ranges from 50 TL to 70 TL.


The flavor of baklava, which is eaten here with its large plenty of pistachios, is completely different. The decoration of the place is also appreciated. It has branches in Ataşehir and Acıbadem on the Anatolian side. One kilogram of baklava prices ranges from 70 TL to 90 TL.

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