London’s Best Festivals and Events in 2022

“Jazz in a basement bar, the moon’s on the rain
Drunk too much, spent too much, penniless again
Oh sweetheart where are you tonight
I remember when we used to walk by the Thames
The lights on the embankment like jewels on chains
I’ll never forget what you said at the start
You said “I’ll put a string of lights ’round your heart”

Have you ever listened to “Fairground Attraction”? This song takes me from where I live to another place. To where? To the River Thames, where I walked and watched the lights reflecting like a jewel on the river. No matter who is with me, the River is always there. My London story starts from the River Thames. Whenever I stroll along the banks of the Thames, bells and the banjos start to play in my heart, I say to myself: “Yeah, are you ready to write a brand new story in the old town?”

There are those who find London a bit “official” because of its historical structures. Although I disagree, this is somewhat true due to both its rainy, cloudy weather and its general appearance. I’ll keep quiet about their official adjectives, but I really don’t understand those who say “boring”! There is also great entertainment here. I’m here to prove it too. I am writing to introduce you to the London festivals. Let me start by giving some background on London first:

London is one of the leading cities in the world in many areas. I’m talking about many fields from art to commerce, from education to entertainment. London is considered the world cultural capital by many cultural and tourism organizations. According to international travel and arrival data, this is the most visited city in the world. London is a very lively city in terms of culture. Official statistics show that the city is the third most film-produced region. It is known as the global fashion capital because London Fashion Week is held here. This is a city with the largest theater audience in the world. More than 200 plays are staged daily, especially in the West End. There are more than 170 museums in the city. Even just to visit museums, you need to make special plans. For London museums, you can check out plans on Heytripster.

Along with the festivals I will talk about in this article, more than 250 festivals are held in London annually. One million people attend the Notting Hill festival alone each year. Think about it, a million people come to London for just one festival and there are over 250 festivals in the city! Meanwhile, if you’re wondering where to go in London, I suggest you take a look at Heytripster London itineraries. Very enjoyable routes are waiting for you.

1. Vaisakhi Festival in Trafalgar Square


… or Celebrating the Sikh New Year in London.

Vaisakhi’s meaning is very important to Indians. Vaisakhi is considered the Nativity day of the Khalsa Community. Tenth Guru Gobind Singh established the binding Sikh community on Vaisakhi day in 1699. Indians living in every country have a big celebration on April 16, Vaisakhi (also known as Baisakhi) day.

Indians are the largest ethnic-national group in London. By the way, the percentage of Sikh Indians in London is 1.2%. One reason why the Vaisakhi festival is colourful, cheerful, and popular is the sheer number of attendees. Vaisakhi or Baisakhi means New Year’s Eve and is one of the important events among the London festivals.

On April 14, the day of Vaisakhi, all Sikhs wear new clothes. You can see many people in Trafalgar Square, dressed in orange, giving gifts to each other. Vaisakhi is full of celebrations and events. This festival has been celebrated by more than 30 000 people in London in recent years. When you attend Baisakhi, you can get to know Indian culture closely, watch their rituals, see the works of Sikh artists and taste spicy and delicious free snacks. On this important day, you can give various gifts to the Sikhs around you by saying “happy Baisakhi” or “happy Vaisakhi”. You can send a postcard decorated with a Baisakhi drawing to your close Sikh friends.

Trafalgar Square, where many celebrations such as Vaisakhi are held, is one of the general meeting places in the city. This is the first stop of buses in many regions. While visiting the festival, you can see the monuments, historical buildings, and other important works in the square. If you want to know tips on the best photos to take here, you should read this post on the Heytripster Blog. This festival is free and open to all visitors.


2. Eid Festival in London


Eid Festival is a celebration held at the end of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting time. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink anything except during certain hours. After Ramadan, the 4-day Eid al-Fitr begins.

14.4% of the people living in London describe themselves as Muslims. Therefore, the festival, which celebrates the end of Ramadan, is quite colorful here. The date of the Eid Festival in London is changing, as the start and end dates of Ramadan are constantly changing every year. The day of celebration for Eid Festival 2022 is May 7th.

At this festival, you can see the religious beliefs and cultural rituals of Muslims all over the world. You can taste many local delicacies and watch cultural and artistic organizations. The organization, which takes place in Trafalgar Square, the largest area of London festivals, is free on 7 May between 12:00 – 18:00. In Muslim belief, women cover their heads and bodies. While you are walking around the festival, maybe you want to cover your head with something, you can bring a shawl or a head covering for this.


3. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022


The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is one of the annual London festivals. Think of it as the London fashion week of flowers. Each year, a theme is determined for the festival. The Chelsea Flower Show 2022 theme is wild and natural spaces displaying gardens filled with native plants and natural designs. In other words, it completely includes the concept of returning to nature. All green spaces will be transformed into wildlife-friendly havens for the Chelsea garden show. All around we will see meadows of wildflowers, blooming bushes, and lush forests, not bunches of flowers that have been regularly and carefully coloured.

If you are into garden design, the Chelsea Flower Show is a festival not to be missed for you. Because here you have the advantage of getting to know world-famous garden designers and plant experts. Moreover, you can attend new training on floristry and get information about scientific developments in plant care. You can buy new items used in gardening and see trendy items. If you’re just a traveler, I’d say: Empty your camera photo storage and hit the road! Because even the royal family will be there.

The festival, which will be held on May 24 – 28, 2022, covers the entire Sloane Street from Royal Hospital Road and Sloane Square, and continues along King’s Road, Duke of York Square, and Pavillon Road. You can see creative garden designs and gorgeous flowers along the way. In addition, flower-patterned souvenirs and special tastes are also offered in all shops during the festival. Chelsea Flower Show tickets are running out fast every year, if you’re planning to attend, I suggest you make a reservation. Chelsea Flower Show tickets, where many celebrities living in England and the Royal family directly participate, are between £40.85 and £85.85. If you’re just curious about the Royal life, you can check out Heytripster Royal Day plan.


4. Trooping the Colour: The Queen’s Birthday Parade 2022


Be there on the Queen’s birthday! This year the ceremony will be celebrated on 02 June 2022.

Among the London festivals, the most important celebration by the public is Trooping the Colour. Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday is celebrated every year with spectacular performances. Hundreds of soldiers, cavalrymen, and musicians from the palace are present at this parade in their official uniforms. The Queen herself attends the ceremony. The ceremony starts at Buckingham Palace. Soldiers and horsemen accompany the Queen along The Mall to the Horse Guards Parade. The Queen greets everyone at the palace. Meanwhile, guns are fired in Green Park and the Tower of London. The parade ends again at Buckingham Palace. The Queen goes out onto the balcony and bows with the other royals. The public and the Royal family watch the Royal Air Force flypast from the palace balcony.

So why is the ceremony called Trooping the Colour? Let’s put it this way: Not all kings and queens are born on the same day, naturally. An official day has been set to celebrate all of their birthdays. Thus, everyone can attend the birthday celebration of the person at the top of the aristocracy, known as the holy. For example, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is actually April 21. But officially, like the birthdays of previous kings and queens, Queen Elizabeth II Trooping the Colour is celebrated. Thus, there is no question of whether the weather conditions are suitable for this great celebration in April.

An online ballot was held to purchase Trooping The Colour tickets, which lasted until March 7 this year. If you haven’t had the chance to buy a ticket, you can join the crowd on the side of St James’s Park facing the Horse Guards Parade or on the side of The Mall. Alternatively, you can buy tickets for the Major General’s Review. Prices for it are: Standing £5, Seated £10 and Wheelchair (+1 companion) £10. Also, ticket prices for Duke of Cambridge’s Review: standing: £5, Seated: £15, Wheelchair (+ 1 companion): £15. Trooping The Colour Reviewed by Her Majesty The Queen ticket prices are as follows: Standing: £10, Seated: £30, and Wheelchair (+1 companion): £30. Rehearsals take place the two Saturdays before Trooping the Colour. If you want a more detailed trip about the royal family, you can check the Heytripster Royal Plan.


5. Open Garden Squares Weekend


Get ready to see the magnificent gardens of private estates behind closed doors in London on 11 – 12 June 2022. Because you’ll be at the Open Garden Squares Weekend. You can stroll through the private gardens, roof ornament landscape gardens, churches, universities, and gardens of historical buildings that are open to the public this weekend. Welcome to one of the flowery London festivals.

While visiting the gardens, you can take a guided tour. You can join interesting conversations during these trips. In addition, it is possible to participate in bicycle tours. In addition, fun organizations and delicious meals will be waiting for you. Tickets are £10 for teenagers, £15 for students and £20 for adults. All ticket prices are per person. You need to buy the tickets until 23 May 2022.


6. London Fashion Week: June 2022


What’s new? What are the trend colors and fabrics in the new season? Which sewing model suits you better? Here is the place to find the answers to all your questions, the fashion jet set. Recreate yourself with trending fashion tips you’ll get during London Fashion Week. London Fashion Week 2022 will be held in June, though be sure to check out the updates for the exact dates. As always, London Fashion Week is full of gender-neutral clothing, passionate designs, educational events, shows, and trendy details.

London Fashion Week is followed by both fashion followers and catwalk organizers. Performances here serve as inspiration for runway shows in many other countries. In addition, each participant wants to take part in this week to tell their own style, designs, and stories. With a series of events held in different venues, the heart of stylists all over the world beats at London Fashion. Among the most attended London festivals globally, London Fashion week is full of artistic, cultural, and design details. By the way, the pleasure of shopping in London is also different. For good shopping, you can check out Heytripster’s The Best of London Shopping in One Day plan.

7. Royal Ascot 2022


Horse racing has never been so elegant. Everyone is so stylish at Royal Ascot. For five days, the world’s best racehorses, jockeys, and trainers come together for the Royal Foresters Ascot. Different races are held at certain times every day. Highlights include the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, Queen Anne Stakes, and the Gold Cup. Horses and horse racing, which are of special interest to Queen Elizabeth II, turn into a completely different organization at Royal Ascot. Royal Ascot is one of the traditional London festivals. In addition, Foresters Ascot is a very valuable organization, as the monetary awards given throughout the competition are millions of pounds in total.

Royal Ascot 2022 will be held on 14 – 18 June. During the entire event, not only horses but also eye-catching hats, stylish clothes and jewelry will be discussed. You can also spot members of the Royal Family, including Her Majesty the Queen, who often attend this flamboyant event.

Royal Ascot tickets vary in price. Windsor Enclosure tickets are the cheapest. Since there is no dress code, you can easily watch Ascot 2022. With Village Enclosure tickets, you can go to pop-up restaurants as well as watch the race. You can also listen to music and have fun all day with DJs and live bands. Queen Anne Enclosure tickets give you access to more luxurious and glamorous entertainment after the races. You can also participate in some activities related to royal ceremonies in these entertainments. But if you want access to the Royal Enclosure, you must be a sponsor for membership. These tickets are not only valid for those in the country, but the Royal Office provides the opportunity to become a member for those coming from abroad. For this, you can apply to the embassy of the country or apply to the high commission for badges.

8. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships


There were only a few people in the first game in 1877. Now it has turned into a magnificent tournament with 500 000 participants between the London Festivals. I’m talking about the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. This is more than a simple tennis match, it is a competitive arena followed by millions of viewers with media and internet broadcasts attended by players from more than 60 nationalities.

The tournament is also followed by the royal family. It is still played on turf, and there is a strict dress code for the players: they have to wear white. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships 2022 is more important than in previous years. Center Court turns 100 years old this year. This year, the 14&U Junior Championship will be held for the first time in the competition.

To become a spectator, all you have to do is buy a ticket and go to Wimbledon in Southwest London. You can buy tickets in advance, but you need to register for this. On the day of the sports event, you can go to the Gate 3 turnstiles and buy a limited number of daily tickets. But let me tell you in advance, there is usually a long queue. You are entitled to one ticket per person in line. In addition, hundreds of Center Court and No.3 Court tickets are sold every day throughout the tournament. There are unreserved sitting and standing areas on the courts. Courts 3 – 18 for these divisions. You have the chance to buy tickets for these sections as well. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships will be held from 27 June 2022 to 10 July 2022. Ticket prices range from £3650 (Men’s Final tickets) to £1100 (Single’s first-round) at the Center Court. At No 1 Court, there is a list ranging from £550 to £1150.

9. RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2022


Welcoming approximately 140 000 visitors each year, the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival is held in one of London’s historic royal palaces. At the Hampton Court Flower Show, you can explore the show gardens and wander through the stunning flower displays. You can watch the performances of many famous gardeners and chefs in the show area of Hampton Court Palace. RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, which draws attention among London festivals, is held this year between 04 July 2022 and 10 July 2022. You can get all the tips about gardening at this festival, and make your own garden exclusive like a Royal palace when you get home. If you’re using a private car to get here, you can find parking spaces nearby for £3 – 3.5. If you’re going by public transport, you’ll need to take the Hampton Court train. Just like the Chelsea Flower Show, this festival is run by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).


10. Taste of London in Regent’s Park


How would you like to taste delicious flavors from each other? Now I want to take you to the Taste of London in Regent’s Park. This festival is the most appetizing of London festivals. It will be held in July this year. The exact dates will be announced when determined.

Every summer, London’s best restaurants gather in Regent’s Park and serve the most delicious dishes from their extensive menus. Taste of London festival in Regent’s Park is a paradise of tastes. You can browse not only for tasting but also to learn. Live cooking demonstrations, the opportunity to meet important chefs of London’s leading restaurants, and masterclasses are waiting for you. You can also shop at the food and beverage stalls.

You will rediscover how miraculous it is to have been born while you are on a wonderful taste journey under the sun. Because the chefs here are willing to take you on this journey with every bite you put in your mouth. Fire Pit shows are about the dance of fire and food.

If you describe eating as a pleasure in life, you should meet the masters of the art of cooking.

11. The Hundred


The Hundred is a sports and entertainment event that promises you an unforgettable day. You will never see a more enthusiastic community watching England’s oldest game, cricket. Last year, all stadiums in England and Wales were jam-packed. I bet this year will be no different. The Hundred will be held from 03 August 2022 to 03 September 2022 this year. Ticket prices are as follows: Adults £60 & Juniors (6-15) £20. On the field, you can watch world-class cricket matches and family-friendly shows between matches. There will also be many activities that invite you to the field. There are some catering packages on the tickets. These treats include food, parking, and soft drinks.
Greenwich+Docklands International Festival 2022

This is a festival where you get your fill of art for a month. The Greenwich Docklands International Festival features art installations, street theatre, circus, dance performances, musical events, and more. All these arts events take place in Royal Greenwich and East London. This is one of London’s largest free open-air arts festivals. Art productions are more innovative this year. Many premieres await the festival as well. The festival provides the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective with the events attended by families. You will spend time intertwined with culture and art during the festival, the details of which will be full of surprises. The Greenwich and Docklands Festival, which has made London the cultural capital, will run from August to September this year.

12. Notting Hill Carnival 2022


The streets of West London are filled with Caribbean colours, music, and flavors every year on the last weekend of August (including Monday). And London’s biggest street party begins! To be a part of the Notting Hill Carnival, go out to the street, immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music, and dance. You can see colorful people dressed in special Notting Hill costumes at the parade. You can dance to Caribbean music. You can taste the street foods along the way. Maybe you might like and wear one of the Notting Hill Carnival costumes too! Notting Hill outfits suit everyone because they bring out the fun person in you. Don’t hesitate, try it. I’m sure it will suit you too

Every year, Notting Hill Carnival 2022 will have shows by musical groups and DJs. There are about 50,000 artists in the parade each year and over a million people over the entire weekend. It is possible to see more than 30 Notting Hill Carnival sound systems. Carnival is held on London’s W10 and W11 streets, around Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Grove, Westbourne Park, and Kensal Road, unless specified elsewhere. London public transport is the best way to get to the carnival. However, transportation may be difficult during the festival, so it’s a good idea to get to the Notting Hill festival area early.

I have some notes for you about the biggest street festival in Europe: It gets very crowded here. When you attend the Notting carnival, you move with the crowd. Therefore, everyone who comes to the festival as a crowd loses each other after a while. You have to be careful about this. You can set a meeting point and time. So anyone can go wherever they want. Carnival is in August, the streets are warm and the weather is sunny. You should have water with you. Hats and sunscreen are also very useful for protection from the sun. As you walk through the crowded streets, there will be pickpockets among the people around you. You should keep your valuables as well as possible. If you have a problem, you can notify the police officer. And, my friend, you can heed these three important warnings and go out and dance wildly!

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